Friday, March 7

Job Interview Appropriate Nail Polish

A pale, sheer pink polish has always been my go-to choice for job interviews. Bubble Bath by OPI is my new favorite. I added some a glitter gradient effect with Spit Fire by Pure Ice on my ring fingers.


What is your go-to job interview nail polish!?


Thursday, March 6

REVIEW: OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

I would have never picked up any of these shampoos or conditioners in the regular sized bottles. The only reason I purchased this up was because it was in a larger bottle for the same price as the original size.

Regardless, I thought it was a great deal, so I picked it up.

I LOVE THIS CONDITIONER. It smells amazing, and is so moisturizing.

I don't use this conditioner when I know I will be using heat on my hair. I use this more on the days I will be letting my hair air dry or when I put my hair up in any form. I do that because the smell will linger. I have never had a conditioner that made my hair smell good all day long.

I also will not use this conditioner when I'm going to curl my hair because the curl won't hold as great. That's when I know it's a good conditioner.

Overall I love this condtioner, and I'm so glad I found it when it was in the big bottle (Target). I don't think it's available in the big bottle anymore. If you do find it, then do try it. Because I only use this conditioner about once a week, I won't be running out any time soon. I will repurchase this conditioner and most likely try the other scents within the brand.

Let me know if you've tried this conditioner or any other products in the OGX line!


Wednesday, March 5

REVIEW: TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Exposed)

I have wanted a Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush ever since they were released. I have so many blushes already, so I could never justify buying a high-end blush. However, I had a little bit of Christmas money leftover, so I finally purchased one.

Because my local Sephora was sold out of Exposed--the only color that I could see myself wearing on a daily basis--I thought I'd check Ulta. I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer because there was only one left!

I now know why this was sold out. The color s absolutely GORGEOUS! It's perfect for everyday. You can wear it for day or night. It's the perfect "neutral" blush.

I would recommend trying these blushes. I am excited to try more of the brighter colors.

Let me know if you've tried these blushes and what you think of them!


Tuesday, March 4

TAG: What's In My Purse!?

This tag has been around for years. It's always interesting to see what others carry in their purses, and here's what's in mine!

I tag everyone to do this! Don't forget to leave your links in the comments!


Sunday, March 2


The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I GOT A NEW JOB!! I start tomorrow, and all I really have been doing is testing with the company, updating my wardrobe, and cleaning and reorganizing the house.

I jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon, and I'm so glad I did! They are so delicious!

The boy went to Chetek, Wisconsin for an ice fishing trip with a couple of his friends and brought me back some goodies!

Although the miserable cold temperatures have returned, we hit a three day heat wave. The car was in desperate need of a good washing.

Yesterday we had the most gorgeous sunrise. But you know the saying--"Red sky in the morning; sailor's warning!" And of coarse, we woke up with more snow, and more snow is on its way this weekend...
Am I the only one that is excited for spring!?

I hope you guys have a fabulous week!


Saturday, March 1

HAUL: Samsung Galaxy 4, New Clothes, & Beauty Products

Last Saturday my phone malfunctioned and was stuck in part of the power up mode. Usually I would be happy to get a new phone, but I really loved my old Motorola Razr Droid. It was set up perfectly, and the perfect size. I ended up settling for the Samsung Galazy 4. It had the best camera, and the boy hasn't had problems with his Galazy 4.

I promise to do a "What's on my Phone?" tag in the next couple weeks. But for now, I am still trying to figure everything out and get everything the way I like it.


I also picked up a few of my basic clothing items--jeans, scoop necks, and v-necks. Okay, okay, I probably went a little overboard on the v-necks. You can never have too many, and they were on SALE!! haha

Finally, a few beauty necessities...

What did you purchase this week!?