Friday, February 14

Valentine's Day Nails 2014

Here's another easy Valentine's Day Nail art! This was inspired by a previous Valentine's Day Nail art! You can check out my Throwback Thursday post HERE. Due to breaking a nail on Wednesday, I had to trim my nails down very very short. Therefore, I will save my other set of Jamberry Love Notes for another occasion...

You can do the heart(s) with any color you'd like! Let me know what you think!

Whether you have a significant other or not, Valentine's Day is about LOVE and telling the people in your life that you love them! Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends--everyone deserves the extra love! 

I am super excited about today! The boy and I have a great day planned, and I can't wait to share that with you soon!  
That being said...Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family, boyfriend, and you--my readers! 
I want to know how you celebrate Valentine's Day and what your plans are for today!!



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