Sunday, February 16

SUNDAY FUNDAY: First Time Ice Fishing & Valentine's Day

I have to say the past few days have been so memorable and so much fun! (Be prepared for a photo overload!)

The weather was so beautiful on Thursday, the boy convinced me to go ice fishing...we even busted out his new ice hut that he received for Christmas!

It is so crazy to think that we were walking on the Mississippi River...I about had a mini heart attack...

After seeing how thick the ice was my nerves settled...I even drilled my own hole!!

This little birdie was trying to attack Ethan...but I think he just wanted a worm!

Although it was a gorgeous day out...I'm so happy we took the hut. I actually prefer ice fishing than regular fishing...

Love him! ♥

Even though the boy and I agreed on no gifts...

I caved and picked him up a couple things! ♥

He caved, too! ♥

Friday afternoon we went to see HOME FREE--the winners of the Sing-Off...
A cousin of mine sang in the school's Chamber Choir where the concert was held...

Front row seats...felt like I was being serenaded the whole time...♥

Of course, we finished the night off with hockey. Nothing is more romantic than $1 Beer & Hot dogs! ;)
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
Back to reality this week as the job hunt continues!


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