Wednesday, February 5


I was very blessed this past Christmas. I received a Clarisonic Mia 2 as one of the beauty related gifts from my parents.

It's been a full month since I've started using my Clarisonic, and I LOVE IT! My skin has never felt or looked better in my life!

Like the majority of Clarisonic users, my face broke out during the first 2 weeks. It's so crazy, but my skin cleared up literally the 13-15 days of using it! I was so worried that this was doing more harm on my skin than good, but after time it's greatness revealed itself. I couldn't be happier with the results I've received while using my Clarisonic Mia 2!

I want to start out by saying that I have tried a "drugstore" version of a facial cleansing brush. It worked completely different. The brush head rotated a complete 360°. I hated it. Even after two months of using it my skin was breaking out!

The Clarisonic Mia 2 (and all Clarisonics) wiggle and vibrate back and forth--which I love.

Another thing I really like and what makes a Clarisonic amazing is the timer. It has a 60 second timer with a bigger vibration dividing the different sections of the 60 seconds. The first 20 seconds are for your forehead. The second 20 seconds are for your nose and chin. The final 20 seconds are divided into 10 second intervals for each cheek.

This is everything that came with my Clarisonic Mia 2 (QVC).

I stopped using my Clarisonic for three days to see how my skin would react after I began using it everyday. The results were better than expected. I figured after not using it for a few days my skin would immediately break out as soon as I started using it again, but it didn't.

If you think it will make your face cleansing routine a long, drug out process, you're wrong! It only takes a minute or two (I use it twice--one minute on my face, the second on my neck and chest). It's so easy to use. It is quite expensive, but absolutely worth every penny!

I heard many, many, many great things about Clarisonics before I received mine. After using my own and seeing my own personal results, there is no way I can go without it!

I was going to write a separate post about tips and tricks, but why not include them in my review!?

1. TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF! Think about not use the Clarisonic to take off your makeup. You are just asking for breakouts. Take your makeup off before you cleanse your skin. No where in the instructions or description of this product does it say it is a makeup remover.
2. DO NOT USE "SCRUB" CLEANSERS! The brush combined with those little microbeads are not good for your skin. 
3. I would recommend using the brush on "low" with the "sensitive" brush for the first few times. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, your skin won't be used to the movement. Easing into the process will keep redness and irritation at a minimum.
4. Did you know that the brush heads can be taken apart!? To help with knowing how close to hold the brush to my face while cleansing, I took my brush head apart and used only the part that vibrates (center) for the first 2 weeks of cleansing.
5. To keep the clutter out of our one and only bathroom (I share with 3 other people), I keep my charger in my room. On low the battery lasts about 28 times. On high the battery lasts for about 25 uses.
6. I find it so much easier to use while I'm looking in a mirror. I can concentrate on what I'm doing, and I don't ever miss a spot on my face.
7. Because I break out on my neck and chest sometimes, I always run the Clarisonic twice. The first minute on my face; the second time on my neck and chest.
8. After you're done cleansing your face, wash the brush out! Although you've washed your makeup off before cleansing, the Clarisonic will most likely pick up the remnants of any makeup off the skin. You want to keep the brush clean, so rinse it good underneath your running facet! The better condition your brush head, the less you will have to change it. Recommended changing of the brush head is 3 months.
The Clarisonic Mia 2 has done amazing things for my skin. I would recommend this to anyone--young or old. Even if you do not struggle with acne, your skin will thank you!

If you have any tips or tricks that weren't mentioned, please leave them in the comments, and I will add them to the list!



  1. I really want one of these Clarisonics, they look so good!


  2. i know you can take it apart and love how easy it is to get around your nose i just always forget that you can do it! haha. lovely blog followed via bloglovin

    Stephanie's Look

    1. I have found that it's so much easier to use just the center! I don't use it on my nose for very long--it tickles & then I start to sneeze! haha ♥b

  3. do you know how to get the center piece off??

  4. how do you remove the middle section of the brush?

    1. You just squeeze the three hooks and push it through! ♥b

  5. Hi Miss Brittany,
    Thanks for the tips! Me and my Clarisonic Mia were together for 2 years already and I’m very happy with the results!
    ~Pauline @ Clarisonic Philippines

  6. After you take the inner brush out and use it, how do you put the outer brush back on? Or how do you take the inner brush off the handle and put the entire brush back on?

  7. I got my Clarisonic on 6/6/15 and it is now 6/13/15 (only 1 week!). I use it every evening before bed, but still wash my face with hands only in the morning in the shower. I have EXTREMELY oily skin and large pores.

    As much as I wanted to brag and talk about my awesome new toy, I held back to see what people would say. I have a few "success stories" to share. I work with the public and since I have started using my Clarisonic, 2 random customers have commented on how even and nice my skin looks. I simply use an AHA moisturizer after cleansing and tinted BB cream with SPF in it for the summer.

    Also, my best friend and my mom have commented and asked what I have been doing different. They said I have a beautiful "glow".

    Thank you for all these tips and tricks because I can't wait to continue this beautiful relationship LOL :)


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