Sunday, January 5

SUNDAY FUNDAY: 2014 Resolutions

Although I completely tanked at my 2013 Resolutions, I figured I would give them a go again this year! Like last year, I wanted to share my goals and add ways I will achieve these goals! Here are my resolutions!

BLOGGING-- I love blogging.  Even if I didn't have my blog, I would still be buying the hundreds of products and testing them out. I just NEED to force myself to write the posts!
  1. SHORT AND SIMPLE: I don't like reading lengthy articles or blog posts, so why would you guys? Writing is not my strong point--editing is. From now on I'm going to try to keep things short and simple so I don't get frustrated while writing my posts.
  2. PRE-WRITTEN POSTS: This is a no-brainer for beauty bloggers. It's so easy to write up posts and add pictures later. I already have 7-10 posts already started and saved for January, and I'm starting to work on February posts--mostly Valentine's Day related!
  3. SEPARATE AGENDA: In December I purchased 2 different planners--one for personal use and the other for my blog. This way I can keep track of when posts were published, and when posts should be scheduled to be published. It's also great for planning ahead. Like I said, I'm already planning for future months and holidays.

--I have gained too much weight and slacked too much when it comes to exercising.
  1. STOP DRINKING POP: No explanation needed. I NEED TO STOP. (As I'm drinking a pop.............)
  2. DRINK MORE WATER: Although I'm not a fan of drinking water all the time, there are many different ways to flavor water. This needs to happen more. I've acquired many water bottles over the years from playing basketball. I need to bust them out and take one with me everywhere. Even if it means throwing one in my purse when I leave.
  3. EXPAND MY FOOD CHOICES: Trying new foods is scary, but exciting. Recently I've been introduced to guacamole, and I LOVE IT!
  4. BE SMART ABOUT ORDERING OUT: The boy and I eat out so much, and we need to kick that habit. But when we do, I need to be smarter about ordering. I don't need that pop if I have a water with me. I'm not crazy about fries anyways, so I don't need those either.
  5. BE MORE ACTIVE: I have an elliptical machine, many hills on the farm, many workout DVDs, and even a Wii! There should be no excuse!

--Random little things that would make me much happier in 2013.
  1. FIND A JOB: I love blogging, but it doesn't pay the bills. In 2013 I OBSESSED over finding a job near home. The let downs made me go crazy and even changed how I felt about myself. It really brought me down, and this year I want to focus on finding a job that I will love even if it's not something that fits with my "degree".
  2. SAVE MONEY: I am horrible at this. I do make a little money here and there doing random things, but I always spend it right away. I need to start being more frugal with how I spend and save what I don't need to spend
  3. KEEP MY ROOM CLEAN: I know this might sound childish, but for how organized I can be, it is always messy. That's mostly due to the fact that I store everything in my room and I blog downstairs at my desktop computer. Things get lugged downstairs, and then they get brought back upstairs and are never put away in their place. I need to be better at putting things away after I use them--even my clean laundry.
I think that's it! I hope it is anyways--I have a lot to work on, but I know I can accomplish them!

Let me know what your resolutions or goals for 2014 and how you're planning to accomplish them!



  1. Good luck with your goals - they all sound sensible and achievable!
    Happy New Year :D

    Jess xo

  2. Thanks for my comment! I need to get writing New Years resolutions as well....
    Fancy following each other on bloglovin'?

    Sophie @ Decisions Decisions

  3. Really good resolutions, I really need to save money too!

  4. Great resolutions! I am getting mine up for a link-up in the morning!


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