Friday, January 10

REVIEW: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Color Manicure

I picked this Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Manicure up from Ulta on a whim. I've always wanted to try a gel manicure, and this looked interesting. It was fairly inexpensive--I got mine for $5.99, and there was no UV/LED light required.

The directions were thorough and easy to follow. Everything you needs comes in the box.

In my opinion, the "activator" is basically nail glue. It smells just like it, and it hardens like it. I'm not sure if that's what regular gel manicures consist of, but that's what this manicure applies and feels like.

The shade I bought was one of the "sheer" colors. The directions said that after two applications the color wouldn't be streaky, but mine were.

Doing my right hand was a little messy...

I applied a third layer of activator and polish, and it turned out much better.

Because this gel manicure dries hard, it cracks when your nail bends. I would recommend this for shorter nails.

REMOVAL: The box recommends either the No-Mess Express or 100% Acetone for removal. I used Acetone and the FOIL method leaving them on for 5 minutes, and that worked great for removal!

I do like how this manicure looked and felt on my nails. I wasn't too crazy about it cracking like it did, but I will most likely use this Nutra Nail Gel Perfect kit again.

REMEMBER: Just like with other polishes and manicures, practice makes perfect.

Let me know if you've tried the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Color Manicure and what you think of them!



  1. I really like the results. We don't have Ulta here in Canada so maybe other drugstores will carry it xx


  2. I hope you can find it to try it!♥


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