Monday, January 13

REVIEW: NIZORAL and DENOREX Dandruff Shampoos

I'm just going to come out and say it. I have dandruff.

I have had it for as long as I can remember having it--probably 6th grade. I remember being so embarrassed because I would always see flakes on my shoulders and back.

As I've gotten older, I've realized there isn't anything I should be embarrassed about. It's not life threatening, and it's certainly something I can and have been able to control over the years.

So how do you get rid of dandruff? I don't think you can permanently get rid of dandruff, but I've found some really great dandruff shampoos that work really well.

I have always used Head and Shoulders. I LOVE their shampoos. They work great at controlling my dandruff, and even if I didn't have dandruff, I would still use Head and Shoulders. They're a great clarifying shampoo and break down other hair products I use on my hair--hairspray, mousse, etc..

However, the past couple years my dandruff has gotten worse--mostly in the summer. After doing a little research on my own, I was able to find two new products that are absolutely amazing at controlling my dandruff when it gets out of control.

I know I'm not the only one with dandruff, so I hope this helps those who are in need of guidance of new products to try out.

Nizoral is one of those products that I read really great reviews, but I also read that it was really hard to find.To my surprise, I found it at my local Walmart! LOVE this stuff. Every review I read was spot on. It's great for using a couple times per week as your shampoo, and it works at taking care of your dandruff.

In between using the Nizoral and Head ad Shoulders, I love using Denorex. From what I've read, this product has been around for ages. It's 3% salicylic acid, and it feels AMAZING when you use it! It makes your scalp tingle, and it feels like you're getting a head massage. When you get out of the shower, you scalp feels so cool. It does have a weird smell, and it doesn't look very appealing--it's brown. I love it though, and the smell and color isn't going to stop me from using it.

Since using the combination of these products, I have noticed a MAJOR difference in my scalp. I don't notice flakes anymore, and my scalp just feels so much more healthy than it did before using these products.

I also wanted to mention that I know it might be embarrassing purchasing these products, but no one knows what you're going through but yourself. People without dandruff have no idea what it's like to have dandruff, so who are they to judge? Remember--as long as you're doing your best to have great personal hygiene, there's nothing to be embarrassed about!

I hope that this post is helpful. If you have dandruff or know of someone who does, these are great products to try! If you have tried these products or know of any other dandruff products, I'd love to know in the comments!



  1. Sorry to hear about your dandruff problem. I've had quite a few friends with it and they get embarrassed easily. It happens to so many, people need to not be ashamed. I get eczema on my scalp sometimes and products like this helps.



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