Tuesday, November 26

Thanksgiving Nails Inspired by Gold Dipped Feathers

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching--just two days away! I wanted to share with you my inspiration for my thanksgiving nails for this year. I've seen gold dipped feathers plastered all over pinterest, and I thought they were the perfect inspiration for my thanksgiving nails.

I will insert a few pictures. Keep in mind I tried this at least three times over the last two days using a couple different glitters. I'm not pleased with how it looks in photograph, but in person, the colors are beautiful.

Because my nails are so short and mangled, I wasn't able to achieve the look on my own nails like I wanted. I recreated how I imagined my nails to look on a couple fake nails and will include them as well. In my opinion longer nails will be able to pull this off better than shorter nails.

I am interested in knowing what you think! What are you wearing on your nails for thanksgiving?


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