Thursday, October 31

Last-Minute Halloween Nails


I love these Halloween nails for two reasons: (1) super easy and you can do it with almost any manicure you're already wearing, (2) they're super cute!

I hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween!


Tuesday, October 29

Essie Butler Please DUPE

I've come to the conclusion that the more that I try to write for a blog post, the more pissed off I get and forget about it...

From now on I'm not going to write a lot for my blog posts. I'm not going to spend an hour trying to write up a blog post that doesn't need a lot of explanation. I'm not going to try to make it sound like I'm a professional writer--why?--because I'm not! And do I want to be? NO!!

For example...

My definition of a "dupe" is something that is very similar but not necessarily the same. If I walked into a party and you couldn't tell which one I was wearing--that my friends is what I call a dupe.

I have recently discovered a dupe in my nail polish collection.

Do you need both of these polishes? No.

Do I need to tell you which one is swatched on which nails? No. Why? Because honestly...I can't remember!

As you can see you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference if I showed up wearing one and not the other. One costs about double or triple to the other(depending on where you purchase). It's all about your preference to which formula you like and how much you want to spend.

From now on I'm going to keep posts as simple as I can...I don't like reading a lot, so I'm guessing you don't want to read paragraph after paragraph about a nail polish dupe!

ANYWAYS...I hope you all find this useful! Let me know if you have any dupes for Essie's Butler Please!


Monday, October 28

MUST HAVE MONDAY: Spoon Cuticle Pusher

These things are truly AMAZING. In my opinion, anyone who does their own nails needs one of these! There are many brands out there to choose from. I got mine from Sally's Beauty Supply--this one HERE.

Cuticle care is very important. In the past I've used wooden cuticle pushers, and I even had a plastic one that just wasn't working as well as I would have liked. My nails grow so fast and my cuticles creep just as fast with them, so I find I'm always pushing my cuticles back.

I was inspired to pick up my own spoon pusher--just like the ones they use in my local salon. It was very affordable--around $10, it's stainless steel--so it shouldn't rust, and it's super easy to clean!

I've had mine for almost a year, and it is an essential in my manicure kit! It's a definite must have for me!

Do you push back your cuticles? What works for you!?


Sunday, October 27

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Cheers to Hockey!

It's been a fairly busy week...

It snowed...

My dad and brother have been combining like crazy...

I made a pan of candy bar pizza for the boy for work...

The Mainstream guys came and put on our new roof...they offer amazing products and great service...

The boy helped me take my 7 year old, 105 pound hunk of love to the vet (that's always fun).....

AND hockey season has graced us with it's presence once again...cheers to that!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


Colored Contacts for Halloween

I really wish I was able to get this post to you guys sooner, but better late than NEVER! Halloween is in a few days; and although it might be a little too late to order in time for Halloween, you can surely still order some for everyday wear for the days you want to switch up your look!

Halloween or not my favorite way to change up my look is by wearing colored contacts. They are a great temporary way to change up your look for everyday, a special event, and especially to enhance your Halloween costume.

I have been so busy these last couple weeks I haven't been able to sit down to do planned Halloween looks, but I've been having fun playing with them from day to day to change up my look.

I recently got this green set of contacts to add to my collection from They have such a great selection from natural looking colored contacts to creepy Halloween contacts available on their site. They're affordable, and the shipping is great!

I absolutely love the way putting in different colored contacts changes up my look!

If you want to read more about and the contacts I've previously tried, you can check them out in the links below!!

I would love to see your Halloween looks! Have you ever used colored contacts to change up your looks?

Let me know what you guys think!


Sunday, October 13

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Early Morning Fishing Dates

The past few weeks have been crazy busy, but the boy and I managed to schedule two early morning fishing dates! I want to apologize in advance for the poor quality of photos--majority are from my phone!


I hope everyone has a great week ahead! I have so many posts planned--I just need to get writing!!