Friday, September 27

Safe Haven Inspired Nails

Every time I look at my nail polish racks as I'm deciding what color to paint my nails, I always stop at all of my yellows. Every single time I think of Safe Haven. It's one of my all-time favorite books, and I fell in love with the movie. One of my favorite parts is when she's asking what color to paint her kitchen floor. Not only is it so cute, but the little girl reacted just in the way my mom reacted whenever I would paint my nails yellow.

My mom once told me that people would think of it as being weird because you usually associate yellow on the nails as being some sort of fungi. But as I got older, I began to think--WHO CARES!?

And now every time I see any shade of yellow nail polish I will always associate it with Safe Haven because it's a "happy" color.. This week has been a downer for me in so many ways, so hopefully yellow nails can remind me to be happy.

My yellow of choice--"Mellow Yellow" by Sally Hansen.

What are your thoughts about yellow nail polish?


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  1. I like yellow nails but don't wear them too often just because it's difficult to get it look like the bottle, even if I use "underwear".


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