Monday, September 16

REVIEW: ZOYA 3-in-1 Remove Plus

The funny thing about the YouTube beauty community is that you want to buy EVERYTHING. Not just because there are great opinions and recommendations, but because you see things in videos and think I NEED THAT!

About a month or so ago I ran out of my regular nail polish. And when I say "regular" nail polish remover, I mean the nail polish removers that are not the 100% acetone--the ones that claim to be strengthening and healthier for your nails. I always switch off between using 100% acetone removers and those that are not just to give my nails a break from the harshness of the acetone.

When I finally needed to pick up a new bottle of nail polish remover, I instantly had the ZOYA 3-in-1 Remove Plus in mind. One reason—the packaging. I remember seeing a few girls on YouTube showcase it, and I fell in love with the concept. Who doesn’t love pumps on products. I love the control I get, and I don't have to worry about wasting products.

The smell is nice, and it works really well. Will I repurchase? Probably only once more just so I can have two bottles--one for regular nail polish remover and the other for 100% acetone. The price ranges from $8-10, so I plan on purchasing less expensive polishes and refilling these ZOYA bottles.

Of the few times I’ve used it to remove my polish, I think it works well. If you’re interested in it just for the pump (like I was), I think you’ll be quite pleased!

I would love to know what your favorite nail polish removers are and if you’ve tried this ZOYA 3-in-1 Remove Plus.


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  1. I love it, it's the only one I use! My nails are much healthier because of it (but I put my nails through hell, so I suppose it's my own fault for being rough on my hands).


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