Wednesday, September 18

REVIEW: Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion

I'm obsessed with lotion. I have bottles upon bottles. The only lotion that I've been grabbing for lately is this hidden gem--Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion. When I say hidden gem, I mean that literally. I received this in a set for Christmas and remember putting on the back of one of my storage shelves. At the time I had almost 10 bottles of lotion in rotation, and I didn't need anymore. It wasn't until earlier this summer when I rediscovered it while cleaning out my shelves.

It's one of those clean smelling lotions that you could layer any perfume on top. It's a scent that's perfect for all year round.

It claims to be the a "Hydrating Lotion", and it is! I absolutely LOVE the moisture it gives off. I can put it on one day, and wake up the next day still feeling the moisture(in a good way). It sinks into my skin quickly, and I absolutely LOVE how it makes my skin look glowing and dewy. I think I love it just as much as I love the Triple Body Moisture Creams from Bath & Body Works.

Even though I have nearly 20 bottles of lotions and body creams, this definitely one of my favorite. I will be repurchasing when this bottle is close to being finished.

Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are--have you tried this before? Do you have any favorite 'clean' smelling lotions?


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