Monday, September 23


While doing some "Fall Cleaning", I discovered an old notebook that I used to write down ideas for the blog. One that really caught my eye was "MUST-HAVE Mondays". The idea was to feature one beauty product that was a Must-Have for me. So here it is--my first Must-Have Monday featuring coconut oil!

You most likely have heard of coconut oil. It is one of those products that has a thousand and one uses and is always plastered all over Pinterest. Seeing 50 different pins from sites showing the different uses got me thinking--can it really be that good? After all, who doesn't want a product with so many different uses.

What really intrigued me to buy coconut oil was its claims as an amazing moisturizer. The texture of coconut oil is so odd. It starts out like a solid, but then melts to a liquid oil form when it comes in contact with your body heat.

The first thing I wanted to try using coconut oil on was my hair as a deep conditioner. I, of course, shampooed and rinsed my hair very well. I tried to apply the coconut oil while it was still in it's solid form, and that didn't work very well. I don't even know what I was thinking--obviously your hair doesn't give off body heat! HAHA After my shower my hair detangled easily, and the scent lingered for hours. The most obvious way that I can tell if my hair is strong and healthy or not is how long it stays curled. My hair would fall flat just as it would when I was a much younger and didn't have damage coloring. That being said, I wouldn't recommend using coconut oil in your hair right before you're going to curl your hair.

After a couple weeks of using it on my face and body as moisturizers, I've come to a conclusion--IT'S A MUST HAVE! Not only does it work amazing as a moisturizer, it smells amazing and super inexpensive, too! I would recommend picking up a tub and trying it out for yourself. Coconut oil has so many different uses besides being very moisturizing. It's also claimed to be very healthy to eat!

Have you used coconut oil? What are your favorite uses? Is this one of your beauty must haves!?


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