Monday, July 8

REVIEW: Veet East Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

When it comes to hair removal, my method of choice has always been by shaving. Although it doesn't last as long as other methods, it's easy, quick, and fairly inexpensive.

I was intrigued when Influenster sent me the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit ($25-$35). I received the kit a day after just shaving my legs, so I had to wait two weeks before my leg hair reached the required minimum length for the product to work.

Long story short--my hair wasn't long enough, and it only removed some of the hair. Because I didn't want to wait a few more days for my hair to get any longer, I enlisted the boy's help...

It worked great for removing his almost inch-long, leg hair. It was smooth, and it took almost a month for the hair to grow back.

The kit itself is a good kit. The directions are very easy to follow, and everything you need is in it

Waxing can be very time consuming, but it's great for long-lasting results. After trying the Veet Easy Wax Kit, I gotta say that it's still not for me. The two BIG reasons it's not for me: (1) you have to wait for the hair to be long enough, and (2) IT FREAKING HURTS.

Like I said, the kit is good, but I don't think I will ever repurchase or will I ever use up the rest in this kit. I think I'll stick to shaving and my Nair Shower Power cream hair remover.


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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  1. I tried that kit as well and yea you definitely need pretty long hair for it to work the best :)


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