Sunday, July 7


I wanted to fill you in on something new I'm starting with my blog. Although my goal for this blog is to bring you new product reviews, I also really want to try to do more updates on the products that I have already reviewed for you guys. I ALWAYS give my honest opinions about products; however, sometimes those opinions change after the post is up--weeks or months go by, seasons change, your skin changes, many things change. There are many factors a person has to consider when reviewing and giving their personal opinions about products. Something might work in the summer, but it doens't in the winter. Something might work for you, but it doesn't quite work for me. Whether you're a beauty blogger or not, I hope you guys can understand where this is coming from.

This whole new "UPDATE" section in its original post idea came to me recently when I started to try out the NARS Laguna bronzer again. If you have been reading my blog, you know that back in February I wrote a review for Laguna, and I was so disappointed with the product. I was so upset that I spent so much money on it, and it didn't end up working for me.

Back then it didn't work out, but LATELY I have been loving it. Long story short--I have added an UPDATE section to the original review post. This way when a newcomer visits my blog or a one-stop reader searches for a review, they get all of my opinions in one post and information isn't scattered in different posts throughout my blog.

I obviously won't be doing this for every single product that I have reviewed. However, from time to time if my opinions about the product change or if I find a new way to use something, I will definitely do an update. 

If you want to see my new opinions about the NARS Laguna bronzer, you can click the link below, and it will take you to my original post.

Let me know what you guys think! I'd love to know you're opinions about this!


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