Saturday, March 9

REVIEW: Hot Tools Curling Iron

When I was younger, I would never curl my hair. There was no point in curling it when it would fall flat 30 minutes after being curled. I've always had really thick, hard to curl hair.

After hearing about how thicker hair needs a hotter temperature to manipulate hair, I knew I needed to find a better curling iron. I also knew that I'd probably have to spend a little more to get exactly what I wanted.

The brand Hot Tools had been talked about every now and again on YouTube. I figured I would do my research before I spent nearly $50 on a curling iron. After reading reviews, the good outweighed the bad--so I bought my first Hot Tools curling iron.

Because my hair has gotten so long, I decided on the Nano Ceramic 1 1/4 inch curling iron (black & white). I cannot find a link to it on, so they might not sell it anymore. I love it. It's great for loose waves.

Although I love my 1 1/4 inch, I wanted a smaller barrel for tighter, more defined curls. I convinced my mom to buy one for herself...5/8 in Gold Curling Iron (not pictured). This one obviously gives tight, bouncy curls. Love it, but I wanted something a little looser than the 5/8 inch curls.

I hinted to the boy that I wanted a standard 1 inch for Christmas...I ended up getting it for my birthday. I LOVE IT. It's perfect for everyday curls, and I use it the most out of the three.

What I love most about this brand--which shouldn't be a surprise because of their name--is that it get very hot. They're perfect for my thick hair. They have a dial on the side where you can indicate how hot you want it to heat up. I wouldn't recommend using it on it's hottest temp if you have fine hair. You don't want to end up like that girl in that viral video. I hardly ever use hairspray anymore. I don't need to.

They claim that it "Get's Hot...Stays Hot", and it's 100% true. I never have to worry about waiting for the iron to catch back up. 

Other things that make this product amazing...

Dial heat control
Heats up fast
On/Off Switch
8 ft swivel cord
Long thumb grip
Long cool tip
Thinner handle for easier grip

The only things that I don't like--it doesn't have an automatic shut off. It's not a big deal because I am pretty good about unplugging my hair tools, but I know I've slipped and left it on at least once already...

Out of all the curling irons I've bought from a drugstore--nothing compares to Hot Tools! They range from $30-50, and most of the time I've browsed them at ULTA, they were having some sort of sale. I think they're definitely worth the hype and the price. I know I will have mine for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to expand the collection a little more--maybe with their clipperless wands, roller sets, and hair dryers!

As usual, let me know what you think!?

Hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. I have a Hot Tools flat iron and I love it! I'm the say way about the irons not having automatic turn offs

  2. My hair is a pain for not holding curls, so I may have to take a look at this brand! :)

    Great post xx

  3. these look great, I have the enrapture totem styler and love it :) xxx

  4. I swear by Hot Tools curling irons! Although I really love my Remington curling wand! Have you tried curling wands? In my opinion they curl even better than traditional curling irons. I've curled many friends' hair, even friends with very VERY naturally straight hair.




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