Wednesday, February 20

REVIEW: NARS Laguna Bronzer

I think this is one of those overhyped products. After spending $34 on this bronzer, I am really kicking myself. 

Statements like…
“It’s MATTE.”

“Only the top layer is shimmery.”

“The shimmer fades.”

“It’s worth every penny!”

… really make me disappointed and irritated.

I spent months debating whether or not to spend the money on this bronzer. I would swatch it nearly every time I walked into Sephora, and every time I would overrule my thoughts with all everyone’s that said it was well worth the money and that the shimmer would fade.

I bought this right after Christmas with a little of my birthday money, and I haven’t even used it a full week. 

I just can’t. I don’t know if I’m too white, or if I got a bad one—I just can’t. It’s too orange and shimmery. Every time I wore it, I looked like am oompa loompa who bathed in shimmer. 

I will keep it though and wait till summer when my skin is more tan to try it out. As for right now, it will just sit in my drawer, and I will daydream of all the other products I could have purchased instead!

The only thing that everyone has correct is that it is decently pigmented and a little goes a long way. Even when you only apply the tiniest bit, you still get the orange shimmer.

One more quick note…it’s NOT similar to the bronzer in the ELF Blush and Bronzer duo. The ELF bronzer is much darker, and it certainly does not come off orange at all.


I don’t even know what else to say. Just writing this post makes me sad and irate at the same time.

Let me know your thought about Laguna. Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Do you have mixed feelings? Was it what you were expecting? Or were you disappointed, too? What are you thoughts of the ELF bronzer in the blush and bronzer duo?

Hope everyone is having a great week!


UPDATE: July 7th 2013
 4 months later..

The review above is pretty clear how much I disliked this product when I first tried it in January/February. I wanted to do a quick update. I didn't want to delete this whole post because these were my honest feelings and opinions when I first tried it, HOWEVER...I'm beginning to love this for when I'm tan. 

It's summer now. I'm spending more and more time outdoors, and I'm getting more tan and darker than I was when I first tried out the NARS Laguna bronzer in January/February (winter here in the USA).

I have been wearing this during the day on my cheeks as a blush. I also have even been wearing it at night as a contour/cheek color. When wearing foundation in the summertime, you can look flat. SO I find that when I use my matte Hoola bronzer by Benefit, I looks muddy, and it looks like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. I like the sheen and shimmer in Laguna. It gives more dimension and more of the summer glow that I want.

Darker skin tones are more likely to pull this off year round; fair skin tones beware--you'll most likely have the same reaction as mine from above! 

I feel better now that I know I can make this product work for me. HOWEVER, I most likely will NOT repurchase this product. I have a feeling this will last me a few summers, and I'm sure there is a less expensive alternative.

I hope you guys enjoyed this update.



  1. I need to get it, can't wait for payday. x

  2. I actually really like Laguna and it's a close second to Benefit Hoola for me which is my all time hands down favourite bronzer. Hoola I have been using for atleast 8 years, it's the perfect matte bronzer
    The shimmer in Laguna does not fade away & it is definitely not a matte bronzer but I do like it!

  3. I love this post. This product is definitely over hyped!
    - I've never been interested in it myself, because I'm not a Nars girl.

    But I will not purchase this ever! lol.

    xo, Nykki

  4. Bummer looks like it would work so well. $34 is way too much for me to waste on a product. :(

  5. Ugh, sorry that you hate it so much! That always sucks.

    Found your post through Nykki's Weekly Round-Up Post this week! :) She shared it in our Weekly Round-Up Linky!

  6. Ha, visiting again because you were recommended AGAIN this week, this time by Beauty Obsessed's post in our Weekly Round-Up. She shared it because it was so awesome! :)

  7. I completely agree! I just found an awesome bronzer by too faced! Its great!


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