Saturday, January 19

Smokey Eye using Naked Basics by Urban Decay

I am admitting that I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay! I know I said before that it was just another palette, but honestly, it's the only palette that I've reached for all month. I've been loving the simple matte looks you can create, and last night I put it to the test for a smokey eye.

I figured I would use my favorite smokey eye technique which is basically darker colors at the lash line and lighter shades progressing toward the brow bone. My tip for achieving this kind of smokey eye is to start with the lighter shades and work your way to the darker shades. I always save the highlight (brow bone) shade for last. That way I can control the intensity--some require a lighter or heavier application of color AND some looks I want a matte highlight or maybe sometimes a sheen or pearl finish highlight.

What I love most about this techniques is that when your eyes are open, it doesn't look like you have a lot of makeup on. It's when you start to blink and look down that people notice it. I also love how my lashes don't get lost in the color. I'm so fortunate to have long lashes.

I used all the colors in the palette to achieve this look. I also added a kohl pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line for intensity, and I used a white liner on my inner corners and blended really well. I will be doing a review of the mascara I used--however, I can't think of the name of it right of the top of my head! I also apologize if any of you are creeped out about my eyes--I wore my brown contacts last night. The boy says they sorta creep him out and that I look like a vampire.

Let me know what you think! I wanna know what you think about the Naked Basics palette, your opinions about smokey eye techniques, and don't forget to let me know of any suggestions for reviews and posts!



  1. LOVE IT!! I've been obsessed with my Basics Palette since I bought it too! I haven't tried a smokey eye look yet, but how you did it looks amazing! Great job!!:)

  2. This is such a gorgeous eye look Brittany! I love the Naked Basics Palette I'll have to try and recreate this look xx

  3. This looks gorgeous! I love this palette too, it's amazing!


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