Saturday, January 5

REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

If you haven't heard of the Naked palettes by Urban Decay, you're seriously living under a rock. They are, in my opinion, the most buzzed about pallets over the last two years. To continue the 'Naked' collection, Urban Decay recently released the Naked Basics palette.

I'm not going to try to sell you guys on this palette. What I mean is that the colors are mostly similar to colors in both the original Naked and the Naked 2. Although I've been using it daily and loving it, in my opinion, it's just another palette to say that you have all three palettes.

The Basics palette is half of what the other two palettes are. It's small and compact, but it's tough to open. It consists of 6 shadows (1 "pearly" shade and 5 matte shades) for $27 as opposed to the other which both have 12 shadows and each cost $50.

VENUS--The first shadow is the only 'pearl' finish shadow in this palette, and it's very very similar to Virgin (N1) and Bootycall (N2). I would use this as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.

FOXY--The second shadow is a really light, matte, yellow shade, and it's also in the Naked 2 palette. This is another great highlight shade.

W.O.S. (Walk of Shame)--The third shadow is a light, matte, pale pink. There's nothing similar in either of the other palettes, but I like to think of it as Bootycall's 'matte' twin. Again, this is another shadow I would use for highlight on the brow bone and inner corner.

NAKED 2--The forth shadow is a very light, matte brown. Similar to Naked from the original naked palette, but Naked 2 is a cooler shade and isn't as warm as Naked. I have been using this all over my lid and to blend out my crease shades.

FAINT--The fifth shadow is a medium, matte brown. Nothing is similar in either palettes. Buck would be the obvious choice, but Faint is clearly darker and more cool than Buck. It comes off a lot darker on the eye and in swatches than it looks in the palette. Very pretty and I've been using this for my crease. A little goes a long way, but it's a very nice, natural color.

CRAVE--The final shadow in the palette is a typical matte, black shadow. Very similar to Blackout (N2). Great if you want to use it for eyeliner or to darken the crease and outer corner.

All of the colors are really nice--what else can you expect from Urban Decay. I think this palette is great for anyone. I think matte shadows look great on anyone for any occasion. You clearly can achieve an everyday look or a darker, more sultry smokey eye.

Like I said before, I'm not gonna try to sell you guys on whether or not to buy it. I have been playing with it ever since Christmas, and I really like it. BUT there are many colors similar to the other Naked palettes, and I'm sure I could find more dupes in my collection.

Let me know what you guys think of the this palette and the other Naked palettes! Which one is your favorite? Are they worth the money?

Hope you're all having a great weekend!



  1. My favourite palette of the three Naked's is the second, though the first still has a strong place in my heart.
    I feel they've took the Naked range too far with this third addition, the shadows especially Foxy are incredibly chalky and they're all too similar. I'd love to see a post on looks you create from this though I'm yet to see any.
    Your photo's and review however are lovely <3

    Lucy xx

  2. eeek I just can't decide if I want to splurge on this! I love all the matte colors, perrrfect for everyday use! xx

  3. Hmm I would prefer the Naked 1 over this, although they are both too pricey for me!


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