Wednesday, January 30

Most Worn Polish: January 2013

It was no surprise what this month's most worn nail polish was going to be. ORLY--Lollipop has amazed me. The color is gorgeous, and it's super opaque! One coat is fine if you're in a rush, but two coats is absolutely perfect!

I know this probably isn't a color typically worn in the winter, but who cares!? I think it's absolutely gorgeous, and I'd wear it any time of year. It's my favorite lighter purple of my collection.

I also love layering Spit Fire by Pure Ice on top. That's what's been on my toes--as you should know from my 'PEDICURE OF THE MOMENT' section on my sidebar.----->

Today we had a snow day, so I've been trying to catch up and take photos for my blog. I'm still having trouble finding the perfect lighting. When I take a picture, it shows up completely different than it does when I upload them to my computer, so I have to take a few, upload them and then look at them. I thought I had it perfect, but because we got all this snow, it's so much more brighter outside than the other day. Hopefully this week the next few days will be very active with posts!

I also just wanted to remind you of that you still have today and tomorrow to use the SIGMA January discount code! You can easily link to their website by clicking the photo in the sidebar!----->

I hope everyone is having a great week! Don't forget to let me know what you think of this polish--the color, the brand, and maybe any other colors you would suggest from the ORLY brand!



  1. I love, love Orly polishes. I always use Bonder as my base coat and (I think it's called) Won't Chip as my top coat and I get a good week of wear. I just looked at Lollipop today - and almost got it. but then I thought of the 108 polishes I have at home and decided to wait :)

  2. I like the Orly polishes I have tried so far ~ this is such a pretty colour.. you have made me want to go and paint my nails! x

  3. Hey Brittany!
    These color is gorgeous!! It's like a really pretty lavander. I only have one Orly polish and I like it, I'm not sure why I don't have more.

    I'm doing a Blog Button Swap on my blog (no charge) let me know if your interested :)

  4. I love Orly polishes. I;m not sure if Powder Puff is still available but its a lovely creamy colour and one of my favs. Found you on the Monday bloghop and now following x

  5. I love your nail polish. A bit of advice with taking pics and lighting, try taking your pics near a window, natural lighting always helps.

    I found you via Monday Beauties Blog hop!


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