Sunday, November 18

REVIEW: SIGMA F82 Round Kabuki & Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I have been interested in Sigma brushes ever since they became popular. I've never had a really nice brush set, so I'm excited to try out more of their products.

I got so giddy when I opened the box to find my very own F82 Round Kabuki face brush. I immediately started to compare it to my Real Techniques buffing brush.

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I've have been using my Real Techniques buffing brush for almost a year to apply my foundation, and I've loved it. This brush is not as dense as the F82, and has longer bristles--not by much, but their is a difference when applying your makeup.

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This is one of the photos I took, and they didn't turn out so well! #ohwell
I find that when I use the Sigma F82, it's so much easier to buff the foundation into my skin. The process doesn't take as long, and I feel like I use less foundation when using the F82.

I find that when I use the RT buffing brush, the foundation eases its way up into the bristles farther causing me to use more foundation and making it harder to clean the brush. I'm also not too crazy about the look of the orange-y gold handle.

I think both brushes are great though, and I would recommend either of them.

The Real Techniques buffing brush comes in a set called the Core Collection with three other brushes for $17.99, and it's available at, ULTA stores or The only other brush that I reach for frequently out of that set is the contour brush that I use for blush every now and again.

The Sigma F82 Round Kabuki can be purchased on it's own at for $18. You can also get the whole Synthetic Kabuki Kit set which includes the F82 and four other kabuki brushes for $76. I think buying the set would be nice because I wouldn't have to wash my one brush as frequently--if that makes sense? I'd have a clean brush for every day of the week!

Have you tried either of these brushes? Let me know what your opinions are.
Do you have reviews of them? I'd love to check them out--leave your link!



  1. I have been dying to try Sigma brushes, but I haven't gotten any yet. I keep trying to convince myself that since I have the RT Expert Face Brush that I don't need any of the SigMAX brushes. I'll probably cave eventually though.

  2. I've really wanted to try Sigma & Real Techniques for the loooongest time, I think they both sound like good quality brushes!

  3. i have real techniques brushes and i love the buffing brush! i haven't tried the sigma f82 yet :) great review <3

  4. I love the sigma brushes! They are amazing. I have a new blog and I would love if you checked it out!

  5. plzzz plzzzz must follow my blog


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