Sunday, October 14

REVIEW: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation


I have been using the ColorStay Liquid foundation for the past two years now, and it just hasn't been working as great lately. When I saw this new Whipped formula on YouTube, I knew I had to try it to see if it would even compare to the Liquid formula.

I don't think I have ever been so impressed with a product before in my life! You can get whatever coverage you need out of this product. You can apply it thinly or if you need more coverage in certain area, it's buildable without looking cake-y!

I have really oily skin, and I'm NOT oily by the end of the day. That alone makes me so freakin' happy! haha I don't need to set it with powder, and it's much more blendaable, in my opinion, than the ColorStay Liquid Foundation.

The price made me hesitant to buy because it was $14. But because I had a coupon for ULTA, I got it for about $9. Totally worth the price. The packaging claims you get 0.8 fl. oz. and the Liquid you get 1.0 fl. oz. In my opinion, that doesn't mean anything because we all use a different amount of foundation from day-to-day, so you're obviously going to run out whenever you're gonna run out.

At my ULTA there were I believe 10-12 shades of the Whipped formula. For the liquid I think there are more shades, and you have the option to buy the "Normal" and "Combination/Oily" formulas which you don't have that option with the Whipped.

When I originally posted on Twitter asking if you guys were interested in a first impressions/review, the majority of questions I had were if it was good for dry skin. I don't have dry skin; I have very oily skin. Because I don't get oily throughout the day, I'm just gonna take a stab at it and say that it MIGHT be DRYING if you have dry skin. Again, that's just my opinion, so if I can find a good review of this product from someone who has dray skin, I will let you guys know!

You all wanted to know what I use to blend it out with, and I use either my ELF Flattop Powder Brush or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

I think that's all I have to say about this product, but if you have any other questions just leave them in the comments! Let me know if you like this if you have tried it!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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  1. Hiya,

    Found your site via #bbloggers chat and FYI i love your blog layout and your review is great thanks.


  2. I'm very interested in this now! I too have very oily skin. I assume that it lasts through the day? Do you use primer? Also I have large pores. Do you find this accentuates any pores for you? Thanks in advance!

  3. Yes it does last throughout the day, and no, I do not use primer! I have large pores too, and it doesn't accentuate them at all! ♥

  4. What shade is yours? bc we are the same shade in the original colorstay, and I got this in 240, but looks really really... PINK on me... just wondering if you have a diff shade that matches better. Thanks! Love your blog!

  5. Question for ya... what shade are you in this? Because you and I match in the original colorstay foundation... I bought the whipped stuff in shade 240, but it comes off really really pink on me? I was just wondering if maybe you had found a different shade that matched you better? Thanks! And I LOVE your blog! Thanks for taking to time to post!

    1. HEY! I'm so glad that you like my blog!
      I currently am using the 220 Nude shade. BUT as I'm getting even more white and losing my color from summer, this shade is almost too dark for my skintone.
      I know when I went and purchased this foundation, I had such a hard time figuring out which color to use. My suggestion for you is to do your best when shopping. If your shade is too pink try to compare 240 to another similar when you're shopping side by side! Hope this helps!
      Thanks again for reading! If you have any other questions, be feel to e-mail me!


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