Sunday, September 30

SEPTEMBER Favorites!

It seems like whenever I go to do my favorites for the month I've already shared what I've been loving in a favorites post! I haven't been buying a whole lot of makeup, and I haven't been using different products so there's not much different from any other month!

I did find a few products that I know I haven't talked about yet that I have been loving, so here we go!

I don't know why I've never mentioned this before because I've been using it for almost a year and LOVE IT! I am super lazy when it comes to washing my makeup off at night before bed, and this is a lifesaver. I use this Pond's Cold Cream and put a thin layer all over my face, let it sit while I brush my teeth, and then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. It doesn't get any easier than that! The makeup comes off so easy, and it doesn't take much time. It smells amazing, and pretty affordable!

Next is the L'Oreal scrublet. This little thing comes with those 360ยบ Clean Facial washes. I'm not a fan of the cleanser, but I LOVE this rubber scrublet. I use it in the shower after I've applied whatever face wash I grabbed for--let the cleanser sit, then I take the scrublet and do circular motions all over my face. I love that it feels as if the little "bristles" are gently breaking up the dirt and makeup off my face.

Last but certainly not least is NYX single eyeshadow in True Taupe. This is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked. Love both of them--they are great for blending out crease colors! True Taupe is a great alternative to Naked. I'm so happy I could find a dupe!

Let me know what you think of these products!



  1. Ooh, I want that eyeshadow! I like Urban Decay but they're a little pricey for me unless they're having a sale.

  2. Thinking about trying the cold cream but I'm acne prone. I cant ever try anything new without my skin punishing me for it!

  3. Hey lady! I'm in love with Pond's Cold Cream although I won't repurchase it because they are not cruelty-free (sadly) but it just removes everything in a single swipe, wow! As for the scrublet, I loved it at first but I realized it actually gave me pimples?!

  4. That NYX shadow looks so pretty! I love UD Buck, so I know I would love the cheapie nyx one!


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