Sunday, August 19

Back-To-School TAG

I wanted to do a few back-to-school posts, and figured I'd do the Back-to-School tag so you know a little bit more about me & school! I would love if you all did this tag and left me the links to your blogs in the comments--or just some of your answers!

  1. What grade or year of college are you going into?
I will be a senior in college. I attend a small community college about an hour from where I live—studying to be an administrative assistant!
  1. What are you excited and/or nervous for?
I am both excited and nervous because this fall is my last semester! I can’t wait to be done, but I don’t want to grow up yet…but I’m sure by the end of this semester I will be ready!
  1. What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
Definitely buying school supplies and cleaning the house getting everything back to school ready.
  1. When do you go back to school?
My school starts this Wednesday (Aug. 22nd), but I will be on VACATION so I get to go back next Monday (Aug. 27th).
  1. What grade were you in when you first started makeup to school?
I believe I started wearing a little foundation and eyeliner in fifth and sixth grade. It’s when I started to break out and I was obsessed with eyeliner! Hahaha
  1. From where or whom do you get inspiration for back to school styles?
I wouldn’t say there is a specific person or place. I have my own style so I just usually wear something I would feel comfortable in.
  1. What are your favorite upcoming back to school/fall trends?
I really don’t keep up with trends!
  1. Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?
TARGET! They ALWAYS have the cutest stuff!
  1. What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping?
Target, JCPennys, Kohls…
  1. Will you be carrying a backpack or purse? Which do you prefer?
Backpack—BUT since my backpack is shot (I’ve had it since a freshmen in HS), I will probably just carry my books!
  1. What are three non-beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?
Camera, Ipod, and PHONE! haha
  1. What are three beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?
Foundation, mascara, and chapstick!
  1. What is your go to hair product and hairstyle?
Leave in hair conditioner—my go to hairstyle is throwing a leave in conditioner in and leaving my hair dry while it’s down, and then throwing it up in a messy bun when in school!
  1. What are your go to makeup products and go to makeup look?
Definitely foundation (Revlon Colorstay), mascara, and bronzer! My go to look is usually these three products—I always try to keep things simple!
  1. What are your go to clothing items? Accessories?
Jeans, Sweats, t-shirts, and boots—I’m so lazy! I usually just wear a necklace and maybe a watch!

That's it! If you have anymore questions about back to school just ask! I tag all of you to do this blog! Be sure to tweet me your links or leave them in the comments!



    1. I love wearing a messy bun after using Paul Mitchell

    2. nice! i did one too, thanks for the questions :)

    3. I just did mine! I'm a little late hahhah

    4. I am going to do this tag if you want you should check out my beauty blog:)


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