Tuesday, July 31

Where I've been the past month!

I've gotten so many sweet messages and tweets asking me if I would please come back to blogging, and I got to say that it felt so good to be missed. Although you may have thought that I was done blogging for good, I'm not! I just wanted to take a break for a while so I could do some traveling and spend time helping my parents do a few renovations to our home.

If you follow me on twitter, you know that we've gotten new windows in our house, and now we are tearing down some of our barns and trees to make room for a new shed that will be going up this fall.

Now that I've gotten curtains hung in most of the rooms, I've started to renovate our shower. I've got the first coat of primer on the walls, and I'm waiting for my dad to install the new shower head before I start to do the second coat of primer and the rest of the painting.

I haven't been stuck inside most of the summer as it may seem. I've done quite a bit of traveling...and I've got a few photos to share!

As much as I love to travel, it feels so good to be home and grounded. The boy and I may go camping later in the week before we go to Tennessee later in August. I'm going to try to get posts planned before we go to Tennessee so hopefully you guys don't miss me as much!

Here are photos from the past couple months--hope you enjoy!!

House-sitting led to a couple good nights of drinking beer and playing Wii.
I thought it was ridiculous to pay for 'Drunken Tower'--so I made my own! ;)

The ol' Lean-to had to go!

It really opened up the valley...

We headed to Chicago for the weekend with some friends to take in a Cubs game!

We stayed at the hard rock...here was our view!

We took a cheesy boat tour of Chicago from Navy Pier...So pretty!

The boy & I ♥

We stopped at the Field of Dreams on our way to scout out a possible campground!

I managed to finish Fifty Shades of Grey...and I've just started Fifty Shades Darker...

We also camped at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin earlier this summer and visited the Dell's Mt. Olympus.

Took another cheesy tour ride! haha

Lately I've been going to tractor pulls with my brother--LOVE brother-sister bonding time!


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