Sunday, June 17

Sunday Funday--Big Fishie.

Not too much has happened this week. It's been a very laid back, relaxing week. I have dropped all of my classes for this summer semester because, well, accounting classes suck online.

I sent my resume out, so I'm praying that I get called for an interview!

Other than that, seriously, nothing much has happened. The boy and I went fishing, and I caught my first Northern Pike! It was the biggest fish I've ever caught! So exciting...

But yea... This week the boy and I are headed to the Wisconsin Dells!

Today is Father's Day, so I'll most likely be staying home!


Friday, June 15

Spring VoxBox REVIEWS!

HERE it is! I decided to put all of the reviews of the products I received in my Spring VoxBox that was sent to me by Influenster!

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer:

LOVE this concealer. I don't wear concealer a whole lot in the summertime, but with all the weddings and special occasions lately, it's worked great for covering my darker under eyes!

AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash:

Another great product! Love how clean my skin feels after using it. It doesn't leave your skin feeling tight like other body washes. I took this product camping, and I loved how the bugs didn't bother me or try bitting at me!

ChapStick Lip Shield 365:

Really impressed! Usually when I go out on the river I have to keep applying my chapstick to keep my lips from burning, but I only have to apply this once and it keeps my lips from burning! LOVE that I don't have to keep re-applying it! It smells like a just-opened bag of skittles--and something else, that I can't put my nose on. This is my new go-to lip balm!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects:

I love the idea behind nail stickers, but they just aren't me. I used Seche Vite top coat, (Same top coat I used with the Kiss nail Stickers) and this time they didn't crinkle, but the edges rolled! So frustrating!

I need to find a better top coat to apply when using nail stickers--Any ideas!?

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist:

Not a huge fan of the scent I received--Moonlight Path--but I did like it for layering with my perfumes. I absolutely LOVE the new packaging. I've been a HUGE BBW fan since I can remember, and I gotta say they really stepped up the packaging!

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball Of Foot:

These will work great if you have enough room in your shoe for them. I could only use them in one pair of heels I own. All the others they didn't fit! They are really comfortable and do relieve foot pain!


YUCK. Probably one of the sickest things I've ever tasted. I'll stick to my Chocolate Chip granola bars!

Overall I really like the Spring VoxBox. It came with many great products! I would purchase every single one of these products EXCEPT the SOYJOY bar!

Let me know if you received the VoxBox and what your opinions are! I hope these reviews were helpful to you!


Thursday, June 14

Cupcake Glitter

The last color that I LOVE to layer my Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter on top of is Essie Raise Awareness. It reminds me of pink cupcakes! haha

I absolutely love how one polish can change the look of anything you layer it with!

Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, June 12

Glitter On Fire!

I promised a follow up to the mani I posted I'm wearing Pinky Glitter by Sinful Colors on top of All Fired Up by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

This red is super bright and fun already, but adding this glitter makes it extra special.

Let me know what you guys think!


Monday, June 11

Pinky Glitter!

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed layering my nail polish. Every once in a while I come across a polish that looks good over many different colors, and it's most likely a glitter. Not just any glitter polish though...these polishes can completely change the color that you put on before...

I have recently discovered Pinky Glitter by Sinful Colors.

All week I will be posting manis using this color on top of others...

Today I used Sinful Colors' polish in 24/7 as my base color, and this is how it turned out!

Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, June 10


I know you guys have been wondering where in the heck I have been! I've been busy with school and just everyday life. I haven't been painting my nails anything special because I've had a class which required us to dress professionally.

I am currently down to my only online class for the rest of the summer...Payroll Accounting! I'm also currently looking for a job/internship so I can complete my schooling in the fall!

Here is what I have been up to lately....

I caught a pretty big catfish!

I've been having to wear office clothes...#booo!

My payroll homework has gotten out of hand!

I haven't forgotten about my VoxBox goodies! Reviews will be coming this week!

I caught a huge bass the next day!

The boy took me to one our spots that overlooks the Mississippi River...

These are the shoes I wore for my cousin's dress, these shoes...I looked good! ;)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 6

Sugar and Spice, and ALL things NICE! #Qwed

Here are my answers to Question Wednesday this week—Sugar & spice, and all things nice!

1.       What is your favorite girly hobby/interest?
That’s a no-brainer! I love playing with makeup and nail polish and doing my hair!

2.       Who is, in your opinion, a great example of a 21st century female role model?
I’m going to say Emma Stone. She’s so talented, confident, and so funny! She’s always being herself! I love her, and I think she’s a great role model!

3.       What are your top 3 fave chick flicks?
This one is sooo hard! I love so many movies! One for sure that stands out is ‘A Cinderella Story’ with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. So many this is hard—How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 27 Dresses, Bride Wars, She’s the Man, The Ugly Truth…the list goes on! Haha

4.       We’re having a sleepover! What snacks will you bring, and what music will you play?
I’m a huge candy eater…I’d be the one who brings the fruit smiles fruit snacks, gummy life savers, twizzlers, and, of course, the MILK DUDS!

5.       What is the girliest item that you own?
I recently bought the cutest platform heels! I would say they are my most current girliest thing!?

Did you like my answers!? If you want to participate in Question Wednesday, head over to Nykki’s blog to check out all the details!

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, June 5

MAY Favorites!

I feel so bad for not being able to blog for such a long time. I've been so caught up in school and finding a job and weddings that I haven't had much time to even sleep!

Here are my May favorites. A lot of these are all conservative products because I've had to be more professional with my makeup and nails. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit--Love this for waxing my eyebrows! $5-6 Wal-Mart

Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, & Buck--Eyeshadows I've been using religiously. Love them for a natural look!

I've been really impressed with this concealer; it work great for brightening my undereyes. I received in the Spring VoxBox.

The next best thing to Revlon ColorStay. This is my new go-to foundation when I need coverage in the warmer months!

Great for setting my foundation on the days where I need more coverage!

Lip products: Chapstick LipShield--came in Spring VoxBox. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Pencil in Natural. Benefit 'Life on the A List' lip gloss.

I've been going very natural with brown eyeliners: UD 24/7 Glide-on 'Demolition' and Maybelline Eye Studio Liner 'Brown' AND my favorite mascara is the Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black in waterproof! The best!

China Glaze 'Shocking Pink' has been on my toes ever since flip flop season started, and SH 'Shell we Dance?' has been my go-to, professional polish lately!

The only two eye brushes that I've been using lately are my MAC 217 and my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

I absolutely LOVE this scent. I've run out of the perfume, but the lotion smells just as great! If you are looking for a clean and fresh scent--this is the one!

Let me know what your favorites are!