Sunday, April 22

SUNDAY Funday--Drive-in, Nail Wheels, & Chocolate!

Hey hey hey!

Here's what happened this week! Not a whole lot, but I hope you enjoy!

The other day at Sally's I saw these nail wheels, thought they would be great in helping me pick out polish!

Something about vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and bananas!

Usually I eat the same thing for breakfast all week...this week it was a Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich...would have been SO much better if we had bacon to add to it!

Did I mention how it rained at the beginning of the week...I love rain!

My stack for Friday! Had to run some errands!

Last night the boy and I went to the Drive-IN! Although it rained, we still snugged up with 5 pillows and two huge comforters inside the truck!...Can't go to the movies without some kind of gummy candy and chocolate! The Hunger Games was pretty decent, although you definitely need a little background as to what was going on and why...poor Ethan was so confused! 21 Jump Street played second (main reason we went)--we love this movie! It's very funny!

I hope everyone's week as great, and I hope this week's even better!


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