Sunday, April 22

EOS Shave Cream REVIEW!

I recently bought a new pack of Bic Soleil 3-blade razors, and inside there was a sample of the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Shave Cream.

Yesterday I thought I would give it a go and test it out!

The product states:

"EOS Ultra Moisturizing shave cream is nothing like soap or gel because it doesn't dry or tighten your skin. Instead, its thick, rich cream moisturizes as you shave, leaving you with a closer shave and delightfully soft and smooth skin. Who knows? You might even look forward to shaving."

I ALWAYS wet my legs before I apply my shaving cream. Then I used half of what was in the sample on each leg (I do one leg at a time). Then I took a new razor, and shaved upward like I normally do.

  1. It smells amazing! (Pomegranate Raspberry)
  2. I guess you can say that it's white cream is great so you can see where you've already shaven.
  1. It's not thick like the package claims.
  2. It wasn't very moisturizing.
  3. My legs burned and itched after using it. I know it wasn't due to razor burn, I had no signs of that whatsoever. 
  4. I cut myself, and it wasn't because I wasn't being careful!
For me I didn't like this shave cream. I think that because it was just a cream, it made things very slippery and that's how I ended up cutting myself! My legs itched after I was done, so I don't know if it was just an ingredient that I reacted to, but it wasn't good.

My legs look GREAT today, they're very smooth. If my legs are going to burn after I shave, than I don't want to keep using it!

Sad to say that I won't purchase a bottle of this shave cream.

If you have tried this shave cream, I would LOVE to hear what you thought of it in the comments! Even let me know of your favorite shaving creams/gels!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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