Monday, April 16

Clairol Nice'n Easy How-to Color Your Hair!

If you follow me on Twitter, then would have seen which color I decided to color my hair! If you don't follow me on twitter...YOU SHOULD! GO GO GO!

Anyways I went DARK!  I loved my blonde hair last summer, but I am finally starting to get my hair back to a nice and healthy state.

I used the Clairol Nice'n Easy in 121A Natural Darkest Brown. I have used this color before and I loved it, so I figured I would use it again.

It leaves my hair so soft after, and lately I've been trying really hard to get my hair back to being healthy again.

I wanted to go through step-by-step and walk you through the process of dying your hair!

Most of my pictures didn't turn out because I didn't realize there was a smudge on my lens. So I apologize for the lack of photos in this post.

First off I want to start off by saying that I think everyone that is going to dye their hair should go buy a bowl and brush. They are supper inexpensive, and I found that I had more control over my product.

I took a shower last night so that way my hair was dry and had a little bit of natural oils so I wasn't working with super squeaky clean hair.

When I finally got all geared up to start dying my hair, I gathered everything I was going to need. Most of which came in the box of hair dye, but I also needed my bowl and "brush" (I don't really know the technical term for it!) haha

I poured the developer (bottle labeled with '2') into my mixing bowl.

Then I carefully poured the colorant (bottle labeled '3') into the mixing bowl being careful not to make a splash.

I used my brush to gently combine the two until it became as smooth as it was going to get.

You obviously want to put on clothes that you don't mind getting stained, and you might even want to put away linens and rugs that you wouldn't want it to splatter. haha LONG STORY, but I ruined my mother's bath rug because of an unexpected sneeze--brush FLEW out of my hand and landed on the rug! haha

It's also very important to wear gloves!!

Once you have your gloves on, you can start applying the color to your hair. The brush and bowl made it so much easier for me to control how much product I was putting down. Before when I would use the squeeze bottle it comes in, I felt like I "ran out" of the dye quicker than using the brush and bowl method.

 I wish I had good pictures to show of the dying process, but unfortunately there was a smudge on my lens!

Once you have finished evenly applying the dye to your hair, you want to check how much time the directions say to leave the dye in your hair.

The directions for this box dye say 25 minutes; HOWEVER, I left the dye in for 45 minutes!

I usually rinse my hair out while leaning over the tub--BUT this time I just jumped in the shower! It's a lot easier to clean the walls of the shower and rinse the color down the drain than it is to get a back ache from leaning over the tub!

Once it's all rinsed out you apply the conditioning gloss. I apply it and then wash the rest of my body of the chemicals and dye that came out of my hair. When I'm finished washing my body, I then use a wide tooth comb and rinse out the conditioning gloss.

And there you have it! I always let my hair air dry after dying it. I also added my It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment.
Here is what my hair looked like before...

Here are the results....

I will post about how I achieved these curls tomorrow!   ;)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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