Sunday, March 18

Sunday Funday ♥

So I know that I have gotten away from my Sunday Funday posts, so I thought I would bring them back with a slight twist...with random photos of everything that's happened in the past week!

I was off all this past week for spring break...nothing too exciting happened! All I really felt like I did was Pin things to Pinterest! It's so fun and addicting--if you have an account follow me! I follow back! And if you don't have one--go get one! Send me your e-mail so I can add you! It's so interesting. I swear I learn more from Pinterest than I do at schoooooool!

As most of you probably already know, I live on a farm, and we have cattle! Welllll...we had our first baby calf this past week! Aren't they so cute!

Mom bought cabbage for St. Patty's Day, and I LOVE fried cabbage. Cabbage is the one thing that I love to grow in our garden, and it makes me so excited for summer!

The boy and I took in one of the final few hockey games left in our team's regular season! We ate at Sonic (never been there before), and I gotta was interesting!

He even surprised me at the game and got glass seats. Up close and personal with the players! ;)

Did I mention our seats were right next to the player's BENCH! Haha I wore red, and that was probably a mistake because I could feel my face turn red every time one of them looked at me! ♥

Oh and we finally got a pretty good picture of us again!

How was your week/weekend!?


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