Sunday, March 25

Sunday Funday-Milwaukee

This past week was nothing exciting--EXCEPT Friday. And even then it was basically just another day in my life! haha It was the boy and my two year "official" anniversary of dating! Soooo we went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

We went to the zoo--where he went a few times as a kid. It was fun! Wish it wasn't so foggy in the morning because we weren't able to see Lake Michigan, but he promised to take me back and next time we could go to the mall! haha Thought I would share some pics of the day...

We didn't spend the whole day in Milwaukee, we also went for a ride on the river once we got back home, and we ate some yummy food from one of our favorite restaurants!

Stopped at one of the campgrounds we will probably camp at this summer...right on the Mississippi!

Turtles GALORE!

 Had to wear the boy's kicks out on the river so I wouldn't get my new kicks dirty!

We watched the sunset on the river :)

Hope everyone's weekend is going fabulous!


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