Tuesday, March 27

Hot Pink Flakie Splatter--Pink Wednesday!

I figured while I'm staying up to wait for a heifer to calve, I would post my Pink Wednesday Mani! I had a lot of fun with this one. I used new and old polish, and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! I want to do a whole series with splatters! I did a guest post for another blogger--more on that when it's posted--but I can't believe I hadn't done one in so long.

I think that I have been mostly sticking to more plain manis because I'm crunched on time, but I really need to find more time to do more intricate manis like splatters!

Hope you enjoy this color combination!

It's 11:11 here in Iowa so goodnight everyone...or goodmorning--whenever this post goes up for you!


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