Friday, February 3

Maybelline Color Tattoos & GIVEAWAY!?

I have been so stressed with school it isn't even funny. Yesterday I took the day off and spent it trying to find jeans! I hate shopping for jeans; I'm always disappointed! Anyways, I picked a few beauty related things up! One thing that I want to show you is something that I've been absolutely loving! You probably heard so many things about them already, but they are the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow.

For the past month, literally every store that I looked in they were all sold out of the Tough As Taupe. That's the one that I wanted the most, the one that I thought I would get the most use out of, and the one that I could pair with a lot of the shadows I already own. Couldn't find it, so I bought the Too Cool shade. I wear it every once in a while. It's a nice base, and it really did stay and didn't smudge or crease all day. I love it, and like I said I've been on the search for the Tough as Taupe shade.

Well yesterday I finally found it! Target had it! And if I remember correctly, they were cheaper at Target then they were at CVS, Ulta, and Walmart. So I picked it up, and you have to be so proud of me! You have to be. I went all day and all night without putting my finger in it and swatching it! I waited till this morning until I could catch good light. I absolutely love this color! This I know will be used almost everyday. I wear so many taupe eyeshadows and this is going to make them last longer and completely make them look more alive! I could even wear this on it's own and be satisfied.

It's probably 3 hours after I swatched them, and I'm rubbing the swatches on the back of my hand it they aren't moving at all! Take note that you wouldn't rub your eye that harsh, but they are NOT moving and they still look amazing.

A lot of other bloggers and gurus say they are just as good, if not better than the MAC Paint Pots. I honestly have removed the MAC Paint Pot from my wishlist. I don't think I would spend the money one now.

Now that I've got that out of my system. I wanted to get your opinions about a Contest/Giveaway in the month of March. I've been really wanting to do one, but not sure what I should do. Really would like your opinions since you guys will be the ones entering!

Also--does anyone else love pinning things to Pinterest as much as me!? I've literally been OBSESSED with it! It's so much fun, and so resourceful! I think I learn more stuff through Pinterest, than I do at school! haha Follow me if you have one--I'd love to see what you're pinning! (Photo is a link to my profile)

Don't forget I'm on Twitter and I love to tweet! I love to tell you guys what I'm doing and the things I do. (Photo is a link to my profile)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


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