Tuesday, February 7

Just a little RAVE about a brush!

I've always never knew what to buy when I'd finally have the chance to walk into a MAC store or just visiting a MAC counter. The closest one to me is two hours away! I'm not saying if there was a store closer to me that I'd be all for MAC, but I would definitely try out products.

Right after Thanksgiving the boy and I road tripped to the big city for a hockey game, and we stopped and did some shopping. Long story short, I bought a brush set from the Glitter and Ice collection.

The set included the following five brushes:
212SE ($22.50)--I use for smudging my liner in my upper lashes.
217SE ($22.50)--I use for blending in crease colors.
239SE ($24.50)--I use for applying eyeshadow to my lids.
167SE (Limited Edition-Exclusive to the Collection?)--I use this for contour.
168SE ($34.00)--I use this brush for blush and occasionally highlighting

Full size of these brushes would have cost me AT LEAST $100. I got this set for $50.

I am so happy that I picked it up. I use these brushes every day, and I'm so happy that's what I bought.

If you are debating like I was--go for brushes. They're tools and you can use them every day. I was thinking about buying a MSF or Blush, but I figured I might not like it and I can't just return it so easily. I figured the safe way out would be with a brush set. I saved money and got some pretty great brushes.

I specifically wanted to do the post about the 217 though. I LOVE this one and it's my absolute favorite brush out of ALL of my brushes. The sides are tapered, so it fits so nicely and blends so well.

I bring this up because I am probably going to spend the $22.50 on a full-size this Friday when the boy and I go back to the big city. I would love to have two so I can keep one for lighter colors and one for the darker colors. Washing brushes isn't my favorite thing to do. In fact, I probably have washed my 217SE more times then I have washed any other brush in my collection. I wash it literally every other day! haha

I also want to try out the regular full size because I've heard that the brush set brushes aren't as great as the regular brushes. Someone said that they shed more than the regular and they aren't as well-made as the regular.

Whether you're in the need to buy something from MAC or you need a new crease brush--try this brush. I don't think I've heard anyone really say that they didn't like it!

Finally I would love to know what other MAC brushes or products are your favorites. Like I said, the boy and I are going back this Friday and any suggestions would be helpful!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!


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