Sunday, January 29

January Favorites

Sometimes it is really hard to pick my favorites, but this month I knew exactly what I wanted to include and exactly what I wanted to say about each product. It couldn’t have been any easier!

My first product shouldn't be a shock; it’s Pink Voltage (Neon) by China Glaze. If you follow me, then you will probably recognize it! I have literally been wearing the heck out of this color—it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait for the summer to wear it then too! You have to check this color out.

Next is my Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer in medium. I’ve never had a concealer cover so much before! Haha Love it, love it, love it! It does have a weird smell, but it doesn’t linger, and if you can get over that then you’re fine.

The next few are eyeshadows. I didn’t want to just say, “Oh, I’m loving my Naked and Naked 2 palettes.” To be honest, I haven’t even tried out all of the colors because I’m so stuck on using the same ones! The four that I’ve been using all throughout the holiday seasons and this month are Naked, Buck, Tease, and Busted. Love them. They are the colors I go for when I’m going to school or going out for the night. 

If I do not reach for my Naked pallets, this really inexpensive palette is what I go for. Walking On Eggshells by Wet & Wild is one of the prettiest simple neutral eyes I’ve ever done! The colors are great, and I reach for the highlight color for any look I do.

To add pizazz to the less extravagant looks I’ve been doing, I’ve been adding this glitter liner by NYX to the ends of my lashes. I love how it adds a ‘fun’ take on a really simple look. I love this liner so much; I’ve recently purchased two other colors from the line.

Finally, the blush that I have reaching for every day is Pinched my NYX—such a pretty pink with the perfect amount of shimmer. I’ve been going for a matte finish to my foundation, and with this shimmery color on my cheeks, it looks really pretty.

Those are my favorites—I want to know what yours are! I would love to know what your opinions are of these products and what your favorites are! Be sure to leave them in the comments!

Don't forget that I've joined Pinterest! 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Saturday, January 28


Yesterday the boy and I went to the cities to do a little shopping. We first went skating because he wants to torture me! haha No really, I am so fearful of skating it's not even funny. I am getting better though, I would say by this time next year I will be able to go on my own!

After we got done skating we went to the mall. He wanted to look for new shoes, and I wanted to look for some new jeans and cowgirl boots. I didn't have any luck with finding any good jeans that I really wanted to spend the price on. And I didn't have any luck finding boots either! I didn't want to spend the money on the ones I liked either! The boy couldn't even find a pair of shoes he liked either!

After all the disappointment we decided to go into Bath & Body Works just too look around...and eventually buy stuff! Haha

We went to Sally's and ULTA as well, and here is what I got!

I do want to also mention that we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time in a LONG time. We used to go there a lot, and I don't know why we stopped. It is SO delicious!

Anyways, we had a great day! Let me know if you've tried any of these products and your opinions of them! I'm especially interested in the Olay facial cleansing system!

Tuesday, January 17

UPDATED: Nail Polish Collection/Rack

Though you might enjoy a look into my expanded nail polish collection...I really need to build another rack.I also want to mention that I've been collecting for a really long time; and I only buy polishes if I can see myself wearing them or I am in need of a certain color. Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 11


I want to start by thanking everyone for the get-well wishes. It truly means a lot. I have been diagnosed with Strep, which I am so thankful that it was just that and nothing more.  I am feeling so much better today, and I must say that I am so thankful to have my sense of smell back! haha

School has also started this week--and you know how first days goes, really slow and long because you don't do anything! Thankfully I am feeling better or I would have not gone. Those are one of the most important days!

Today has just been filled with go-go-go! I had school, a 2 hour break-went to Kohl's, then back to school, home, to the library, to the grocery store, and finally I am back home again getting my Pink Wednesday mani up for you guys!

I don't know what it is but lately I've been obsessed with pink! I have been buying more pink then I've ever wore in my entire life! I just bought a new pink USB stick, black and pink Nike's, random t-shirts, scarves, nail polish, and today I bought two new pink bras! Not only have most of the things I buy have to be pink, but I am all of a sudden wanting to write in pink and have pink folders and notebooks! I don't know what has gotten into me!

I don't want to bore you with my PINK drama, so I will get on to what's on my nails today.

I recently picked up the Essie Raise Awareness polish that I believe came out in October (appropriately for Breast Cancer Awareness Month). This was my first ever Essie polish, and I had heard really great things about it and how opaque the first coat could be compared to other pale pink polishes. The other day when I saw that it was 50% off I just had to get it! Everyone that said it was a good polish was right! It's pretty opaque in the first coat. Two coats is perfect with this polish compared to the 3-4 coat other polishes of the same color.

If you haven't tried this--I definitely suggest pinking it up! (My ULTA had quite a few of them for $3.99)

I love it! This week I decided to add some shimmer (I'm kind of burnt out on just cream finish polishes), so I added Sally Hansen Diamond Shine in Diamonds on top! I love this top coat--it can liven up any dull polish by adding the perfect amount of pizazz!

Let me know what your thoughts are on these polishes! Leave a link to your Pink Wednesday! I would love to see what you are wearing!


Saturday, January 7

2011 Lip Product Favorites!

I’m not a big wearer of lipsticks/lipglosses mainly because of the reason that I have a boyfriend. Haha If you have a boyfriend then you will probably know what I mean!

I really only wear lip products(except some sort of balm) on special occasions or when sometimes to school. Even then, having to apply lip gloss or lipstick drives me nuts!

Here are my 2011 lip favorites!

EOS Lip Balms—Best moisturizer I’ve ever tried, plus I get so many compliments and questions asking what in the world they are!

Maybelline Baby Lips—Really cute and moisturizing, give off a slight tint.

Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Caramel Latte—Smell/tastes really good, and perfect color for my skin!

Maybelline Lipstick in Born With It—Great light pink, perfect for slight pop of color which I love.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Stick in Soft Nude—Perfect nude, smooth and creamy.

Like I said, there wasn't many. Hope you enjoyed!
Let me know if you have used any of these products, and let me what your favorite lip products are!


Friday, January 6

Favorite Eye Products of 2011!

My next favorites of 2011 are featuring eye products!  Like I stated in my last post of favorite face products of 2011, these are all products I would throw in my bag for travel because they work so well. I love these products!

1.       Maybelline Single Eyeshadow in Linin—Perfect matte highlight color!
2.       ELF Single Shadow in Coffee Bean—Great brown for darkening crease.
3.       Wet & Wild Walking on Eggshells Trio—PERFECT neutral colors for everyday! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Naked, Sidecar, & Buck from the Naked palette—Very beautiful shades, cannot go wrong with them.

ELF Eyelid Primer Trio Set—Work amazing, just as great as UD Primer Potion—three different shades.

Maybelline EyeStudio Eyeliner in Brown—Best base for smokey eyes, great as an eyeliner as well.

Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara—Best mascara ever!

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Onyx—Add fun to eyeliner and tips of lashes.

Loreal Extra-Intense Liquid Liner Pencil in Black—So dark and so smooth, applies really nice, doesn’t smudge!

Those were my favorite eye products of 2011! Let me know if you have used any of these products or wish to purchase any! I also want to know what your favorites of 2011, so please do share!