Saturday, December 17

Flashy Bold Gold Glitter


I am glad to say that I am finally done with school for this semester! Ahhh it was crazy and I apologize for being gone for so long!

I have been working really hard putting together posts for the next few weeks.

I want to start off with a request from a reader who wanted a glittery gold look for the holidays. I used Revlon's Gold Coin as a base, and then added Milani's Gold Glitter on top. This glitter is kind of tricky to work with--you really have to take your time on each nail. As you can see, my pinky is what happens if you don't! It's not that noticable if you are looking really close.

This is fun and glittery and definitely BOLD.

I probably won't be wearing this on Christmas, but it is a great option for those who definitely want a BOLD nail.

All this week I am planning on doing nail and eye looks for this holiday season. My goal is to post at least one a day--and some days two posts!

I hope everyone is getting their shopping done--my mom hasn't really started yet!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Before I go I also want to thank the very sweet Aly from Seven Things Beauty for interviewing me! Such a great girl--go check out her blog HERE!

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