Tuesday, November 1

October Favorites!!

It's my 100th post! So exciting and I can't believe that I have over 150 followers! When I started this blog I seriously didn't even think I would have that many in such a short time! Reading blogs is something that I love doing and the fact that I have over 150 people wanting to read my blog means so much! Thank you to everyone and their support! I love what I do!

Anyways on to the post...today is November 1! Where did the time go!? It seems like yesterday it was August and I was starting school, and now we're 24 days from Thanksgiving!! Ahhhhh!

One thing that I do know for sure is that I love fall. And from the poll (to the left), you guys like it too! If you haven't voted--VOTE! You still have a few days to tell me what season is your favorite!

Like I was saying, I LOVE fall! I love that the weather gets colder and the colors we wear are more dark and rich. One makeup item that durastically changes from the warmer months to the colder months is blush. In the summer, I go for more lighter, shimmery & glittery ones. In the colder months I gravitate towards the matte darker pinks and plums.

I recently bought an Avon Smooth Minerals Blush in Perfect Plum. This was my first mineral blush and I love it! It is gorgeous and it gives the perfect warmness to my cheeks. This blush blends so nicely, and a little goes a long way.

My next favorite--well, favorites--would have to be taupe eye shadows. I tend to gravitate more toward these colors in the fall and colder months because they're darker, and they go with any outfit. They are great for daytime smokey eyes or just plain all over the lid colors. Really versatile and very beautiful.

My last favorite for this past month is a conditioner. The Dove Cool Moisture Conditioner. I can tell when my hair gets really dry. For a while my hair would dry really frizzy, and it drove me crazy. I have been using this conditioner for the past three weeks now, and OMG my hair feels soft again! It dries smoother than it did before, and it de-tangles my hair a lot better in the shower. Not only does my hair feel a lot healthier--it smells amazing and the scent lingers all day! I get compliments all the time now asking what shampoo and conditioner I use. I love this. If you are looking for a new conditioner this one is great.

The shampoo is nice too, but if you know me, I am a shampoo hoarder. I don't use the same shampoo everyday. I literally have four different bottles of shampoo in my shower. I'm a mix matcher! ;)

Those were my monthly favorites! Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts and opinions!?

Thanks again for the great support! Your comments and personal e-mails are so flattering! I love you all! If you have any questions or requests, please feel free e-mail me at brittanyssecret@hotmail.com.

Hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. I really like your post !! the eyeshadows are super nice !! where do you store them ??

  2. I love a taupe eye shadow too. It's such an easy color to wear for day or night! What shadows do you have pictured?
    Oh, and Congrats on 100 posts! :)


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