Wednesday, November 30

Not-So-Pink Pink Wednesday--Review!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means—PINK WEDNESDAY MANI! This mani isn’t as “pink” as you guys might think, but I wanted to show you a set of polishes I’ve bought in the past month and do a review and give you my first impressions about it.

I got so excited when I saw this kit at Walgreens about a month ago. It is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Flirty Collection. Like the box says, it was only $9.99. 

Before I picked this set up, I had 4 other colors and really loved them. I figured hey why not, I need more pink colors in my collection, so I picked this set up. I didn’t use it right away because when I got to the car, I immediately opened them to see what they looked like, and I just wasn’t impressed.

My First Impressions:

To get started, I thought that this set was great because it came with a clear polish. I love clear polishes and have gone through so many different ones, so I was pretty happy about that.

Next I was super excited about the baby pink polish that was in it because I have yet to find a really great one that doesn’t get really thick right away or that is so sheer. When I swatched it on my nail, I about cried I was so disappointed. I kept layering it, but it just wouldn’t build to the color I wanted, so I immediately thought that this was a fail.

The last color—the blue-toned pink—is a great color. It’s very pretty with the very microscopic blue shimmers. I thought it would look very good on my toes!

I kind of put off using these shades because my excitement about it faded after I swatched the baby pink polish which is called ‘Shell We Dance?’ After about two weeks had gone by I thought that I should use them because I didn’t want them to go to waste!

My Thoughts After Using them:

I tried to use the clear polish—Clear’d For Takeoff—as a top coat, but it smudged my polka dots! I was a little frustrated! But then I realized I could always use it as a base coat! So that is where it will sit from now on in my rack, right next to my OPI base coat.

While I am talking about my polka dot look, I used the pink with blue shimmers—Back To The Fuchsia—as my main color. I really like the color; I don’t really have anything like it, and it looks great on my toes and will probably be a go-to color for the summer!

Finally I used the lighter pink—Shell We Dance?—in my French manicure for this week. And I LOVE IT! I loved the way it turned out. Most colors that I’ve tried make the white tips look too pink or too tan, but this one works really well! It wasn’t streaky, and it only took one coat to get the job done.

Overall I have finally come to actually enjoy this set. I scored three polishes that would have cost $24 for only $10.

From this whole experience I’ve learned that you can’t always just judge by what it looks like when you first swatch them, and you really need to experiment and find what works best.

This Set is good If:

·         You don’t like wearing bright colors on your fingernails.
·         Your job restricts anything but clear polishes (or anything sheer like Shell We Dance?).
·         You love doing French Manicures.
·         You collect polishes! ;)

Not only does this color come with safe colors, but it also comes with a bright pink that’s great for your toes! I know a girl in one of my classes is forbidden to wear any color other than a sheer clear color on her fingernails, so she has to use her bright colors on her toenails.

Another girl was talking about how her younger daughter in elementary school cannot wear nail polish to school! That’s crazy! Little girls love nail polish!

Okay, I’m rambling now—I need to rap this one up.

I would say if you or someone you know falls into one of the situations above, this would be a great holiday gift. I know my mom can’t wear polish because of her job, so I think I’m going to go out and buy a set for her!

If you have any questions, please comment below! Would love to know if you have tried any of the Sally Hansen Sets—or just the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes and your opinions on them!

Hope everyone is having a great Pink Wednesday! I know my look wasn't as "pink" as everyone might want it to be, but I wanted to get this review up--and what better day than a Wednesday!


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