Wednesday, November 16

Radioactive Glitter?--Pink Wednesday

It was requested that I do a review on the Sally Girl nail polishes from Sally's Beauty Supply. Now I normally only go to Sally's when I'm in either of the two big cities, but I made a special trip just to check out this brand of nail polish. This isn't a review--that's probably going to come at the end of this week--but I thought I would wear it today because it's a bright hot pink, and it's Pink Wednesday!

Here is two coats of the Sally Girl polish in 812157. It's so annoying that they don't just give them actual names, but we will have to do with what we get I guess. I then decided I wanted to break up all that neon and add some sparkles. I used Pure Ice's Spit Fire to add a gradient glitter. I love this polish--very glittery! Finally I added a thin coat of Seche Vite, and yes, I went out on a limb and spent $10 on it! I do like it so far! Review of that will be coming soon!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Let me know what ya think!



  1. That is one radioactive pink polish!!! Its very summery! Love it!

  2. I like what you did with the glitter X

  3. I love the neon!! Fantastic shade


  4. Love it with the glitter! I see this as an awesome toe nail color in the summer! :)

  5. Love the pink shade! And the glitter looks so pretty! xxx

  6. I love the glitter! I'll definetly have to try this out with my sally girl nail polishes!

    Great post!

    Gabby :)

  7. Hey girlie I LOVE this look! I wanted to say that I have followed you for sometime now and I never get your updates in my blogger. So sorry for being an absentee follower hehe

  8. Hello :)
    I'm your newest follower! I wanted to thank you for joining in on our blog hop!! I love that color pink. I actually just picked up my first sally's nail polish the other day when I was there. It's a pretty pinkish glitter color. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog :)


  9. Sally Girl polish 812157= Way Cool. I have to label them myself when I buy them because I can't stand not knowing the name. lol


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