Wednesday, October 19

Shatter My Skull--Pink Wednesday!

Hey girls! I received my AVON order on Monday! I ordered a new shatter because I couldn't bring myself to buy another OPI Black Shatter. I can't remember how much exactly this Avon Mosaic Effects was, but I know that I like it way better than the OPI one.

If you wanna find out what happened to my old shatter polish, that's explained in My Black Shatter...Shattered. post. I was pretty upset about it, and didn't want to spend another $9 on it.

Today is Pink Wednesday and I thought I would feature three of my favorites!

I first started out with two coats of my Sinful Colors polish in Easy Going. This is a very light pink. I have never been a real big fan of light pinks like this one, but I have been wearing it everyday for the past two weeks!

On my ring finger, I took my Art Deco Nail Art Polish in Black and used the end of a bobby pin to make ovals for the eyes of my skull. It doesn't have to be perfect! I then used the thin brush to make a little "<" for the nostrils and I drew four lines to be teeth. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I've been trying to wear pink on my nails all month. Last week I did a full mani of this light pink with the skulls.

This week, however, I wanted to change it up, and because I got a new shatter I thought why not use that! Right!? This look is also great for Halloween!

I am in love with this look and I probably will be wearing this shatter over everything for a while now. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sorry for the really dry hands and uncleaned cuticles!



  1. A skull. How cute!

  2. The skull is super cute! And I love that pale pink you used!

  3. so awesome & so badass, love it!

  4. That's really cool! :)
    I found your blog through the blog hop and followed!
    xo, Jaimee


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