Tuesday, October 4

Bold Peek-A-Boo Pink Wednesday!

Pink Wednesday has come once again! For me thinking of a new pink mani is ALWAYS on my mind. Most of the time I figure out what I am going to do by just adding pink into a mani that I wanted to redo.

Today when I wanted to paint my nails, I reached for my silver glitter to do my Go BOLD look. But as soon as I was getting ready to paint my first nail I thought OMG I NEED TO DO A PINK MANI! Then it hit me that I should do a gradient like last week, but make the pink more of a "peek-a-boo" behind a silver glitter.

I apologize that they are not cleaned up very well, I was trying to take as many photos while I still had natural light!

I really love how this turned one turned out! Hope you enjoy it as well!



  1. That is really cute!! What's the name of that SC polish? I need it! lol

  2. I love your nails! You should post on how you do these. Im horrible at doing my nails and need all the help I can get haha. Would love a step by step how to :)

  3. ive never see this look before..soo adorable i def have to try!


  4. this looks amazing, i'll have to try it! thanks for the tip <3


  5. Somehow I thought of Ke$ha when I saw this? LOL I LOVE GLITTER! Super cute!

  6. I love it. The glitter gives it that extra party dimension.

  7. this looks absolutely fabulous! will try this some time :) Thanks!

  8. that's so cool! love sparkles

  9. oh i love this idea,so cool and funky...i am going to try it tomorrow:)thanks.


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