Saturday, September 10

Let's Go Hawkeyes! Beat State!

It’s Saturday! And you know what the means—college football! Today the BIGGEST, most talked about game in Iowa goes down. The long fought out battle between Iowa & Iowa State. 

Like I said before we are huge Iowa fans, and I know that I once considered going to Iowa State for school, I will ALWAYS be a true Hawkeye fan! Kick off happens in a few minutes and I remembered that I needed to get my post up for today. I was so excited for this weekend that I thought I would do another Hawkeye nail look. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. Cute nails, is that OPI - Need Sunglasses, cause I have that colour too and the Art Deco in Black :)

  2. wow! Thats neat!I wish i could do designs on my nails!


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