Monday, September 12

Fashion Obsession!

Recently I stumbled across these really sparkly headbands. I was browsing the little girl accessories at Wal-Mart--yes, little girl section--and found these! I have not stopped wearing them since! They are so adorable! I wear the silver one the most, just because it goes with everything! I am a sucker for headbands, and I knew that I just could NOT pass these up! These are my current fashion obsession! What is yours!?

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  1. Owww there so shiny and pretty :)
    You look cute with the silver one in your hair
    My fashion obsession at the moment are my new beaded bracelets I got from Primark Xx

  2. i wear "kid" headbands all the time! theres nothing wrong with it, they're always the cutest! (; i love that hairstyle you added the headband to, i'm going to have to try it out!

  3. They are lovely :)

  4. oh those are the cutest and there's nothing wrong with being a princess!

  5. Im so excited you found my blog, comments mean so much to me! Your blog is great. I loved reading through it. I love these headbands super cute, I espically like the silver one. Ill be heading to walmart soon:) How did you find my blog? Im wondering because Im trying to get it advertised more and more! keep following and sending the love:) XOXO Klassic Karmin

  6. I love headbands to right now. I love the sparkly ones you got.


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