Wednesday, September 21

Dollar Pink Wednesday!

This is my pink Wednesday mani! Lately with school I just haven't had the time to do nail art. When I was in town I thought I would swing by the Dollar Tree to see if they had anything interesting. I found these L.A. Colors polishes for only $1! I only picked up one and this is what it looks like with 3 coats!

I immediately thought OMG when I was applying my third coat because I knew I didn't have anything really like it. For me personally, I know this is a color that I will wear in the fall. It's a great pop of color without being to bright or neon--which it's neither. Usually when I apply 3 coats of a polish it chips right away, but this one didn't today. I was worried when I laid down my first coat because it was so sheer, but it really looks great!

What do you guys think? Have you tried this brand of polishes before?
 Hope everyone's having a great Hump Day! ;)



  1. I have a blog award for you! Check out my blog! JennaRaeXoXo

  2. I have this color!I love it.I have lot of LA COLOR nail polish there okay.

  3. I'm so bad with nailpolish so I always go to the salon and get french. But this color is hott!

  4. looks lovely! : D


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