Thursday, September 29

Late Night Mani--Teal of Fortune

I have been reading and getting caught up on the blogs that I personally love to read. One of the things that I do while I am reading other blogs is let my nails dry. I find that when I'm occupied doing something, there is a less chance that I will mess up my nails! I also make sure that I go to the bathroom before too! For some reason every time I paint my nails it seems like I always have the urge to pee! haha

Anyways, I have been waiting patiently to use the my new Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune I bought last weekend. It's been sitting on my desk ever since! Three coats of this polish turned out very nice--gorgeous color. Great jewel tone and I know that it fits great in with fall colors! I'm going to try to get better pictures in the natural light tomorrow, but for now this is how it looks!

One coat...

Two coats...

Three coats...

What do you guys think!?


Wednesday, September 28

Pink Wednesday!--Jamaica me crazy!

One of my absolute favorite pinks that I own is Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy. It's a darker pink with a really pretty purple sheen. This week for Pink Wednesday, I thought I would do something that I used to do a lot in high school which is doing a gold gradient at the tips. I used to use a more chunky glitter, but since I got a new smaller gold shimmer, I used that!

Are you wearing pink today!?


Wednesday, September 21

Dollar Pink Wednesday!

This is my pink Wednesday mani! Lately with school I just haven't had the time to do nail art. When I was in town I thought I would swing by the Dollar Tree to see if they had anything interesting. I found these L.A. Colors polishes for only $1! I only picked up one and this is what it looks like with 3 coats!

I immediately thought OMG when I was applying my third coat because I knew I didn't have anything really like it. For me personally, I know this is a color that I will wear in the fall. It's a great pop of color without being to bright or neon--which it's neither. Usually when I apply 3 coats of a polish it chips right away, but this one didn't today. I was worried when I laid down my first coat because it was so sheer, but it really looks great!

What do you guys think? Have you tried this brand of polishes before?
 Hope everyone's having a great Hump Day! ;)


Friday, September 16

Chocolate Cranberry--washout!?

Yesterday for school I thought I would play with a few colors that I haven't touched in a while. I have this cranberry color that I placed all over the lid. Then I added a medium dark brown in my crease. BUT IT LOOKS SO WASHED OUT! It looked so much more vibrant yesterday. The flash from my camera probably washed it out. I love this cranberry color though! It really made my eyes stand out, and I got a few compliments!

Next time I will take my photos outside in natural light with no flash! I also filmed a vlog for you, but I probably won't upload it! haha

Today is a busy one! I need to hop in the shower as soon as I am done with uploading these photos to this post--I am tanning, getting my haircut, and then going to see my sister-in-law and niece! Exciting and fun filled day for me! I will most likely have another post up this afternoon!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, September 12

Fashion Obsession!

Recently I stumbled across these really sparkly headbands. I was browsing the little girl accessories at Wal-Mart--yes, little girl section--and found these! I have not stopped wearing them since! They are so adorable! I wear the silver one the most, just because it goes with everything! I am a sucker for headbands, and I knew that I just could NOT pass these up! These are my current fashion obsession! What is yours!?

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, September 10

Let's Go Hawkeyes! Beat State!

It’s Saturday! And you know what the means—college football! Today the BIGGEST, most talked about game in Iowa goes down. The long fought out battle between Iowa & Iowa State. 

Like I said before we are huge Iowa fans, and I know that I once considered going to Iowa State for school, I will ALWAYS be a true Hawkeye fan! Kick off happens in a few minutes and I remembered that I needed to get my post up for today. I was so excited for this weekend that I thought I would do another Hawkeye nail look. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, September 9

Saved by the Blue.

This is my new favorite polish, well, until I get a new one! I think that this color will definitely be a great color for fall. I am very excited to do a Cubs look with it! Let me know what you guys think!

 Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, September 7

Pink Wednesday! :)

Here is my Pink Mani for today! Sorry that it's not cleaned up very well. I took these pictures as the top coat was drying! I got so many compliments on my nails when I did this! I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow. I used my silver glitter Art Deco nail art liner to define the lines and add some sparkle!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Couple more days and it's the weekend again!