Friday, August 19

I feel like I am young again!

When you were younger did you ever have an art class were you did something that looked a little something like thiiiiiis!?

It's quite simple--but next time I will definitely have to lay newspaper down on the table!

These are the colors I used...

First, you need a base color, and for this I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in White On (Two Coats).

Next use a straw to blow the colored polish you choose onto your nails!

This does make quite a mess, but after looks so cute! I love how every nail is different! :)



  1. Hehe this looks like fun. I may have to get hold of some neon colours and give it a go. It would look fab on your toes as well XD

  2. Girl, you didn't lay down newspaper?! you're crazy lol.

    next time, you should tape around your nails also. hardly any cleanup is needed if you tape em :]

    I like your new background also. super cute :]

  3. I did lay a few paper towels down, but I guess it wasn't enough! haha Thanks for the tape idea!


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