Saturday, August 20

Blow Dryer Cleaning

Ever notice that it takes longer and longer for your blow dryer to dry your hair? I noticed this problem about a year ago and realized that it's probably because of all that lint buildup in the filters! So I cleaned it--and it was pretty easy...

I cleaned it out again earlier in the week, and while I was getting started doing it, I thought I would document it and show you how easy something so important can be!!

After I removed the filter, I threw them into the dishwasher...and this is what they look like now...

Yesterday when I blow dried my hair it went so amazingly fast--just like it did when it was new! My blow dryer was pretty easy to clean--some are and some may not be.  Hope you all enjoy! Any questions just ask!

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  1. My hair dryer has been acting up lately - was going to buy another one but will try cleaning instead! Thanks :) x


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