Saturday, August 27

Back-to-School Hairdo!

I have been straightening my hair all week and just leaving it straight.  I have been showering at night and then straightening my hair in the morning to save on time. My hair gets oily fast because I am always running my fingers through my hair. Thursday, I though I would switch things up and do something I usually do when I shower in the morning and go to school with my hair wet. I braided my bangs. I'm sure this isn't the first time you've seen this and you have probably mastered doing it yourselves.

 I realized while I was taking pictures that I do this with pretty much any way I do my hair. I've done it when my hair is wet and I let it air dry, when it's straightened, curled, and I even do it and then scrunch my hair. It's very universal. I love it because it keeps my hair out of my face!

You can do it as thick or as thin as you want. You can leave your hair down, or you can put your hair in a bun or a pony tail!

This is soooo easy to do and it's great if you have very little time in the morning. I can do this in less than 5 minutes--probably less than 3!

I like doing this hair style for school because it keeps my hair out of my face and I am not worried about pushing it out of the way!

I have a family reunion today and I will probably do it for that as well--it'll be hot and I am gonna want my hair out of my face.

Do you like the braided bang look? Have you tried it for yourself?

Hope you enjoy!


Monday, August 22


I have been running around like crazy these past few days trying to get things ready for school; and on top of everything, my dad and one of my brothers is leaving for Bristol, TN tomorrow for the NASCAR races this next weekend!

This is probably going to be one of those longer posts because there is A LOT to share with youu. I am sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday, but like I said I have been super busy!

Saturday night the boy and I went to a rodeo. Yes, another rodeo—I LOVE RODEOS! And I was super mad the next day going through my photos because there was no good pictures of the eye look that I did! I was so mad. Although I did not get a good shot of my eye makeup, I got a lot of good pictures of my outfit. So here it is…

Rodeo was fun even though it rained for 5 minutes!

Sunday was busy, busy, busy, and I don’t know why, but I thought I would go to church! Haha Usually I would have passed going because I had so much to do, but I went anyways! After church I was thinking about new ideas for my blog and I then thought of doing something special on Sundays. I want to have a “set” theme for what I am going to talk about—almost like On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I want to also include things like what happened that weekend and what the week is going to bring. I was also thinking about including a little rant about something that has been pissing me off? What do you guys think?

If you are wondering why this post is in the afternoon, I just got home from school—today was my first day back!! I like having class form 8-11:30. I feel like my whole day isn’t wasted away. Tomorrow, on the other hand, I have class from 10-2! So my posts will probably be at night. I have to help my mom with chores and we do those about 4ish so yea, it probably won’t be until later at night that I will be posting.

Feel free to leave suggestions and comments! I was so excited when I got home today to see that I know have 17 followers! Never would have thought! Thank you guys so much!! :)


Saturday, August 20

Blow Dryer Cleaning

Ever notice that it takes longer and longer for your blow dryer to dry your hair? I noticed this problem about a year ago and realized that it's probably because of all that lint buildup in the filters! So I cleaned it--and it was pretty easy...

I cleaned it out again earlier in the week, and while I was getting started doing it, I thought I would document it and show you how easy something so important can be!!

After I removed the filter, I threw them into the dishwasher...and this is what they look like now...

Yesterday when I blow dried my hair it went so amazingly fast--just like it did when it was new! My blow dryer was pretty easy to clean--some are and some may not be.  Hope you all enjoy! Any questions just ask!

Friday, August 19

I feel like I am young again!

When you were younger did you ever have an art class were you did something that looked a little something like thiiiiiis!?

It's quite simple--but next time I will definitely have to lay newspaper down on the table!

These are the colors I used...

First, you need a base color, and for this I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in White On (Two Coats).

Next use a straw to blow the colored polish you choose onto your nails!

This does make quite a mess, but after looks so cute! I love how every nail is different! :)


Removing Sparkle Nail Polish

One thing about sparkle nail polish is that I HATE taking it off--but I've learned of the  "FOIL" Method, and it is simply fabulous!

Here is what you will need...

You can use regular nail polish remover, but this is what I use on a day-to-day basis and it works great. You'll need cotton rounds or squares and aluminum foil.

This is so simple and easy--whoever thought of this was a GENIUS!

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 18

NOTD: Wild Queen of Melon?

One coat of Wild Thing; one coat of Neon Melon; & one coat of Queen of Beauty! I love how bright and vibrant this color is. I got so many compliments on my nails last night, it was insane! Almost matches the color of my layout!


Wednesday, August 17

Pink Mani!

For my pink mani today I thought I would show you my first ever China Glaze nail polish! I bought this last Thursday, and I have been so excited to share it with you in a blog! I, of course, figured I would wait till today to show you.

It's called Flip Flop Fantasy. These photos are not picking up the true color--but it's a bright neon pinky coral color. It looks so good with a tan and on both toes and fingers! I didn't add any design because I figured I didn't want to take away from the beautiful color. Here is what it looked like on my nails! Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, August 10

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

Ever watched the movie Mean Girls!? Well that was probably a stupid question. But just in case you haven't, you should go rent it and watch it! Very funny movie! It will explain why everyone is joining On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I have seen a few of my favorite bloggers join, so I thought I would too!

Pink is one of the colors I have a lot of in my nail polish collection. I have always had a fascination of pink nails--in fact, if I remember correctly, pink was my first color of nail polish! So now that I have joined there will be a pink nail tutorial on Wednesdays--something to look forward to!

I figured why not use my absolute favorite pink EVER for my first look! Right!? This pink may chip A LOT and it might not be longest wearing, but I LOVE IT. It's so bright and looks so great with a tan. It's Sinful Colors' 24/7.

I first used two coats of Sinful Colors' 24/7 all over my nails. This dries matte, but don't worry we will be putting a top coat on later! You can add a top coat now if you don't want to do any designs. A shimmery topcoat also looks great.

Next I used my Black L.A. Colors Art Deco and put a dot of it on a paper plate. I then used a toothpick to make leopard marks on my accent nail.

I then used a bright blue--Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away!--using a toothpick and filled in the more circular shapes I created with the black.

You want to let this dry completely before adding your top coat. If you don't you will smudge your design like I did. Oh well, no one is perfect!

Once it's dried completely you can add your top coat. I used NYC Long Wearing Extra Shiny Top Coat.


Monday, August 1

Face of the Day!

Yesterday I went into town to run some errands and I just wanted a simple look. I just mixed some foundation with my moisturizer and applied that all over my face and neck. Next I added some shimmery blush and contoured my cheeks with my E.L.F blush and bronzer duo.

For my eyes I just used a champagne gold  all over the lid. I added Hoola in my crease and just used my new Loreal Voluminous Mascara on my top eyelashes. And NO I am NOT wearing false eyelashes. I haven't been putting anything on my bottom lashes lately--I don't know why, I just haven't!

That is all for this look! It was simple and so quick to do. This is my go-to look if I need to run out of the house really quick to run errands.

BTW--This is what my hair looks like now! :)

Hope you enjoy!