Sunday, July 10

Just A Little Hello!

One of my favorite things to do is watch beauty videos on YouTube. I love learning new things and especially things about beauty. I started wearing makeup at such a young age and have always loved going to the store and trying new things. I stumbled upon beauty videos on YouTube my sophomore year of high school. I never really used to like to get all dolled up and fancy, but the school dances like Homecoming and Prom really got me started into being creative with my looks. It was then that I searched how to do a smokey eye look for the dance that really got me started watching beauty videos.

I learned so much about such little things that can really make a difference. I found that I became so creative with the makeup that I had and only could afford or get my hands on. I started following over 30 girls who would do videos and always thought that maybe someday that I would be one of those girls showing tips and doing makeup tutorials of the looks that I created because something inspired me. Maybe someday I will start doing makeup tutorials and videos, but today I woke up and said, “Today’s the day I am going to start my own blog.”

So here it is…it took me about two hours to come up with a name... I thought I would name my blog Brittany’s Secret because not only did I think it would fit with the things that I would be discussing, but I thought everyone has their secrets and I want to share mine with you, whoever you may be. :)

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