Wednesday, December 28

Benefit I'm Glam...Therefore I am--DIY Magnetic Palette!

For my birthday I received a Sephora giftcard! I really didn't know what I was going to buy, but I did want to buy a variety of things. I was looking and looking and looking, and then I spotted this set from Benefit--"I'm Glam...Therefore I am!"

I loved the concept of it. There was eight different products--4 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 mascara, 1 lip gloss, and 1 cream highlighter. I really liked the colors of the eye shadows, and I have never owned any Benefit eye shadows, so I thought let's get it!

Immediately when I got out to the car, I just had to open it and play with the colors! I am so happy with it!

I think that buying a set is definitely the way to go if you want to try new products!

So I have been using them and my only real complaint is the packaging! By the time I took out the highlighter, lip gloss, and mascara, only the eye shadows and blush were left in that huge palette!

So I thought that since they looked really easy to de-pot, I did just that! The cardboard thing that they were laying in easily slipped out, and I was left with a box with a huge mirror.

Since I have never owned a big magnetic makeup palette, I didn't have anywhere for my new shadows and blush. I always have extra magnets laying around, but I do remember they came in a pack of 15 strips for like $1.17 or something like that. I simply pealed the tape from the back, and placed them in the bottom. I didn't completely have enough to cover the entire bottom of the box, but I think it worked out great just how I did it.

After they were placed in the bottom, I just added the eye shadows that I had laying around along with the eye shadow from the original palette.

And whhhhallla! I have myself a new magnetic palette! Let me know what you guys think!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


Friday, December 23

Final Christmas Look!

This is probably going to be my final Holiday look for this year! Hope you guys enjoy!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I had an amazing birthday!! :)


Wednesday, December 21

It's My Birthday!!

It's my birthday--the big 2-0! I cannot believe that I am already that old! And it is also Pink Wednesday, and I thought I would do something special! I really liked how this turned out, and I can wait to try it with more champagne colors--what do you think!

Christmas is getting closer!


Tuesday, December 20

Golden Smokey Eye for the Holidays!

Quick post but I promised you looks everyday this week! It's been a crazy day sorting and loading calves. I wore this look yesterday, and I got a few compliments! I wanted to share this quick, and let you know that the look I wore today will be up tomorrow!

I don't know why, but my eyebrows never cooperate when I take photos--I think it's because I just put my shirt on---WHOOOPSIE DAISY! ;)

Hope you enjoy!


Monday, December 19

Christmas Polka Dots

Here is another holiday nail for ya'll! I wanted to do something fun and random for the one who enjoy those kinds of nails--so here it is! All the polishes I used will be listed below! I hope you enjoy!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails--White on
Rimmel 60 Seconds--Red Carpet
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails--Brick Wall
Pure Ice--Wild Thing
Sinful Colors--Happy Ending
Sinful Colors--Show Me The Way


Sunday, December 18

Purples & Plums-Holiday Nails

One color that we overlook during the holidays are purplely plum colors. I haven't made up my mind yet about which mani I will be wearing on Christmas, but I think that any of these is in the running!

First on my pointer finger I have Avon Matte Violetta--with Seche Vite on top to make it really glossy and pretty.

Next on my middle finger is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Plum Luck--gorgeous deep purple.

SH CSM in Pat On The Black is on my ring finger--it is coming off as more of a maroon, but it's still really pretty.

Finally on my pink I have Sinful Colors Black on Black topped with Petites Black Amethyst--for all you girls who want sparkle ;)

Any dark purple shade would be gorgeous during the holiday season!


Saturday, December 17

Flashy Bold Gold Glitter


I am glad to say that I am finally done with school for this semester! Ahhh it was crazy and I apologize for being gone for so long!

I have been working really hard putting together posts for the next few weeks.

I want to start off with a request from a reader who wanted a glittery gold look for the holidays. I used Revlon's Gold Coin as a base, and then added Milani's Gold Glitter on top. This glitter is kind of tricky to work with--you really have to take your time on each nail. As you can see, my pinky is what happens if you don't! It's not that noticable if you are looking really close.

This is fun and glittery and definitely BOLD.

I probably won't be wearing this on Christmas, but it is a great option for those who definitely want a BOLD nail.

All this week I am planning on doing nail and eye looks for this holiday season. My goal is to post at least one a day--and some days two posts!

I hope everyone is getting their shopping done--my mom hasn't really started yet!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Before I go I also want to thank the very sweet Aly from Seven Things Beauty for interviewing me! Such a great girl--go check out her blog HERE!

Sunday, December 11

Here is my eye of the day from yesterday! We went to Rockford and shopped and then went to an Icehogs game! It was CRAZZAYY! They won in a shootout! Sorry again for being so MIA--after this next be ready for the posts, because I'll have a month off before school starts again!

I chose to do a smokey eye using my NYX Smokey Eyes palette which I love by the way!

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, December 6

Minted Cheetah!

Products Used:
OPI Base Coat
Revlon Minted
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bittersweet
Art Deco Pink
Seche Vite Top Coat

These next two weeks will be crazy with finals and projects--sorry for the lack of posts!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!